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In an attempt to make my day better, I’m learning that a good morning routine is the way to go.  I’m not a natural early riser, I think I’ve conditioned myself into being a night owl, after years of partying out til dawn, and sleeping all day.

But my party days are long gone – and I need to change my habit to make my days become more productive.  So here are few ideas I’ve been implementing.

First, be prepared.

Before I go to bed I write down a list of things that are mulling around in my head.  I’m one of those people who have all my best ideas when I’m just about to fall asleep – annoying and brilliant.  It seems when all other distractions are limited, my actual creative thoughts seem to surface (thanks phone!).  So, before I head to the pillow, I sit and write anything and everything that pops into my head… so I can action them in the morning.

It helps relieve my brain of morning anxiety so I don’t wake up with “What day is it?! What do I have to do today?” mania anymore.


Before I sleep I like to meditate using an app on my phone.  I use Calm.  Short daily meditations, which soothe and relax, and before you know it you have drifted off.  If you are still awake by the end of the meditation – why not listen to one of the sleep stories… they are very good.

Bye phone

If meditation is not your thing, and you don’t need your phone for an alarm clock – stick it outside of your room.  I have a tendency to immediately reach for my phone upon waking – and I’m bombarded with emails and Instagram notifications.  It instantly puts me into a state of high alert, and panic about work.  What I am now trying to do is give myself as long as possible – 15 minutes to an hour in the morning before turning it on.

What to do upon waking

Healthy ideas – Stretching, heading to the gym, journaling, downing a glass of water or hot water and lemon is good to detox the liver and kidneys, shower using your favourite scented shower gel, make your bed.

Unhealthy ideas – falling down an Instagram rabbit hole, seeing that your emails are coming in, and you are being chased for xyz. Anything Brexit related will make you RAGE!

Eat well

Gets some good food in you.  I tend to go to the gym most mornings.  The kids go to school on their own now, so thankfully that part of my everyday has disappeared.  So after the gym I’m usually ravenous, so it’s eggs and leaves of some sort.  My favourite at the moment is mushrooms and kale fried in Harissa.  Then add this to an omlette made with 2 eggs and some soft goats cheese. Washed down with a kale, banana and coconut water smoothie.

But whatever your morning routine is – make time to eat well.

Hopefully with these few ideas I can trick my sleep routine to believe that mornings are better than staying up late.

Do you have any good ways to help you rise & shine?

Images are via Zara Home.

  • Writing in the evening really helps me fall asleep and wake up refreshed in the morning! And keeping off my phone in the morning helps me wake up relaxed, not being able to see any notifications keeps the morning as “me” time. Great post!

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