Lifestyle | Happy Valentines to me, a self-gifting guide…

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Ugh, when did Valentines Day get so gross and tacky?  No I don’t want a dozen red roses, flown in from abroad, wrapped in plastic and bought at a supermarket.  Nor do I want a ‘meal deal’ from Tesco’s. Or a box of chocolates with my name on it.  Why does love have to be so commercial and naff?

Sorry if you like all this tacky stuff, but me, I’m not so much.  I’d much rather get something I really want/like that is for keeps, not just the mushy day.

So if you are like me then read on for some things I am loving right now… a bit of self-gifting on the horizon!

Frama – St Pauls Apothecary

After smelling these first hand at the Stockholm Design Week exhibition these mild hand & body washes and lotions are created to have a fresh, aromatic scent, and softening feel. With deep notes of Sandalwood, Cedar Wood, and Ylang Ylang. Made in Denmark, the Apothecary collection is produced with 100% natural ingredients and in Italian glass bottles.

Starting price £30 for the hand wash

Arket emerald camera bag

Arket is one of my favourite shops.  Beautiful clothes, impeccable styling and design.  So when I saw this bag, I knew it would be perfect for my little Olympus camera to live in.  It’s practical, medium sized for everyday wear, and is made from durable and water resistant nylon. Cute eh?  No more worrying about my camera.

Buy: Camera Bag £69

Cashmere jumper

I had one of these cashmere roll necks in oatmeal for Christmas and I wear it so often. I need a replacement!  So I’d love this one in navy, that will see me through Spring and into Summer, perfect for throwing on in an evening.

Marks & Spencer cashmere jumper £89

LouLou Avenue Print

I’ve mentioned this print before, and I still love it.  One Soul by LouLou Avenue is available at The Poster Club and comes in a range of sizes.  So it’s a big yes from me.

Poster Club – One Soul print £49

Stoneware vases

Love love these new ceramics from H&M – serious these will fly out of the door.   Creamy stoneware, perfect for a neutral loving lass like me.

H&M stoneware vase – £17.99

Bare Bones Chocolate

Yeah I’m a sucker for pretty packaging.  These chocolates are handmade in Glasgow, and come in two flavours, milk and dark.  Dark please!

Dark Chocolate – £6.50

So, that’s a little round up of things I fancy for Valentines, ahem! Dan if you are reading.  If not, then I’m treating myself.

What is on your list?

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