Lifestyle | Snow day…

It came! Beautiful soft fluffy snow.  Huge snow flakes fell over Bristol and the South West on Friday and transported the world into Narnia.  Gosh I love the snow, the excitement, the beauty of it.  Friday the kids had the day off school, so they hung out with their friends in the park.  By Saturday morning, the snow in Bristol had pretty much melted, so we headed to the Mendip Hills for a snowy adventure.

Up in the hills the ground was glistening pure white in the winter sun.  Oh my – it’s beautiful.  You know that kind of beauty that is hard to take in, like your eyes can’t cope with the sight of it.

We parked the car up by Charter House, and slipped and slid along a lane until we reached the moorlands.

Where once there would be mounds of grass, it was all smooth with deep snow drifts. We laughed as we jumped in and out the drifts, and getting stuck almost waist deep.

All around us were tracks in the snow, made by animals. Birds feet jumping and rabbits footprints as they leapt.  Rufus was trying was work out if the tracks he found were badger or fox – I think they were a large dog.

After a large mug of hot chocolate we made our way back off the hills and towards the car.  This was a day I’ll never forget, so so wonderful.

How was your snow day?  Did you get snow?  I’m hoping for more.