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Lou Archell | Littlegreenshed Blog March 2019

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My skin has suffered over the past few years.  Hormonal imbalances, ageing and reaching my mid-forties has seen my skin look tired and grey.  I have typical dehydrated skin, and if I don’t look after it, it can look grey and saggy.  Not a good look I can tell you!

This winter, I’ve made a big effort to nourish my skin.  Having a several step routine, morning and night.  And, fingers crossed, my skin is looking plump and soft.  With a glow.  So what have I been doing.

Night time routine

Before bed I love to do a little routine with my skin. Alternating products on each night, so not to over load my skin, or cause irritation.


I love to use the hot cloth method. Nothing beats cleaning the skin than water and a flannel.  I use either MOA green balm – which is great for removing makeup.  Or sometimes I use Nip + Fab facial wash.  (which is actually Charlie’s, but I love to use it too). Just rub either product into your skin, and remove with a flannel soaked in warm water.

Once thoroughly clean.  I then move onto the acids and moisture.


Each night I’ll use an acid on my face.  Either to brighten (vitamin C), to reduce pigmentation (Glycolic Acid) or to reduce fine lines and wrinkles (Retinol).  A word of warning, if these are used together, they could irritate the skin, so please use wisely.  Like I mentioned earlier, I alternate the days when I use them.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is usually derived from citrus fruits, and this one smells orangey which I like.  Vitamin C serums will help to brighten the face, allowing the skin to glow.  Say goodbye to grey tired looking skin. There are many on the market, and of course all at different price bands.  I use Generation Skincare Vitamin C Serum.  I take a couple of drops from the pipette and smooth it over my face, next and chest area, making sure it doesn’t get into my eyes. It goes on smoothly, unlike some Vitamin C serums which are granular in texture.

Glycolic Acid

Glycolic Acid is an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) which helps to peel away layers of the skin in a gentle manner, no harsh abrasives here.  This helps to reduce the signs pigmentation, scars, dark spots etc.  Think of it as a new generation of exfoliation, without scrubbing the skin or nasty micro-beads.  I use the Nip + Fab daily glycolic cleansing pads.  A quick wipe around the face with one of these pads, and you can feel the acid taking effect. Let it do it’s job before adding anything else to the skin. I like to leave it for 10 minutes.


This is the serum which reduces fine lines and wrinkles.  It can be used after the Vitamin C or the Glycolic.  But don’t use all 3 together, or the two acids together.  I use LIQ CR night serum which has 0.3% retinol.  Again it has a useful pipette, so a few drops all over the face, neck and chest area.  Let that sink in before the next step.

Lou Archell | Littlegreenshed Blog March 2019


Once I’ve cleansed, put on an acid and retinol, I like to let the product sink into on my skin. So I tend it leave it as long as possible before adding my facial oil.  On a planned night this can be 15 to 20 minutes.  On a rushed night I just slap it all on!.

I love to use MOA aphrodite rose facial oil. A beautifully scented oil that goes on smoothly without dragging the skin or overloading it.  It stays on long enough so I can really work it in with my hands or my a jade gua sha stone.  This cooling stone is shaped in such a way that you can really work into the folds and bone of the face.  It is good for blood circulation, and muscle relaxation and can be great to give a little facial massage before bed to relieve tension and reduce the puffiness and dark circles around eyes.

That’s my night time routine.  I might also slick on some Aesop hand cream and even tap it over my cheeks if I feel my skin needs a bit extra.

Lou Archell | Littlegreenshed Blog March 2019

Day time routine

Mornings are a little different. As I don’t have as much time to spend on me.  I have a two step skin care routine here.  After the shower, which I probably use one of the cleansing options above in the shower.  I then use a hylauronic acid, which helps to lock in moisture from the shower and plump the skin.  I use The Ordinary serumA great price point, but it is a little sticky upon application which I don’t like, so I will be looking to change this serum to another once it’s used up.

After the serum, I a daily moisturiser with a 30 SPF. The La Roche Posey Piglamentclar cream is my favourite.  It has totally changed my skin, since I’ve started using it last summer.

Do let me know if this post is at all helpful.  I’d love to know what you use on your skin.  What would you recommend?

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Images – by Lou Archell.