Life Lately | An on going list of everything in my head…

Do you know anyone who is doing it all? I mean really?  A great career, relationship, beautiful home, financially secure. Mentally healthy, physically fit?  I don’t.  So why do we all wish for more?  I’m always trying to find ways of ‘upping my game’ – buying ecourses that promise me everything, and never once popping in to do the work.

I hope to be thin, fit, have great hair. Land that client. Visit this place or eat there – to get that Instagram shot – which will hopefully get me more likes and followers.

Solve all my problems.

Shit isn’t it?

I have a never ending list of things going around in my head.  As a grown woman, who provides for her family….. yet I still have issues – big and small.  Here is mine:

Lou’s long list of lengthening concerns

  • how to be inclusive in all that I do, including BIPOC
  • Climate change and the warmest winter in record
  • plastics in the home, and how to reduce
  • recycling
  • reading with my kids
  • encouraging my boys to do sport / hobbies
  • Charlie and school
  • Shall I finally give Sisterhood the elbow? Is there room for it in my life?
  • the increasing mould in my bathroom
  • why have my cats got fleas – again?
  • Brexit – how will this effect us as a family, and as a country?
  • Brexit – will it effect my job?
  • Having zero savings if there is a bad Brexit
  • No back up plan for life
  • Will we ever be able to move / renovate?
  • Have I taken my pills today?
  • Have I eaten enough vegetables?
  • What is for tea?
  • Why is my hair getting thinner?
  • Remembering to update Quickbooks
  • Shall I get an accountant
  • My 4 week old gels are looking ridiculous, has anyone noticed?
  • Instagram is increasingly becoming toxic, shall I leave it?
  • Am I addicted to my phone?
  • Am I addicted to Pokemon go?
  • My parents health is always on my mind, I should stop nagging, but I’m worried
  • Is Dan bored of being my assistant, does he want to do something more exciting
  • I haven’t been out dancing in years
  • I’ve lost connections with friends, do they even care?
  • I work too much
  • Internet safety – are my kids at risk?
  • Will I ever loose that belly fat?
  • Is HRT just delaying the inevitable – and should I stop?
  • Is Marie Kondo brainwashing everyone?
  • Can I move to Copenhagen soon
  • What happens when I can’t work any more
  • I don’t have a pension – should I start one
  • Am I spiritual?
  • What even does that mean?
  • Will I ever love weight training? I hate it so
  • How do you get rid of facial hair, and unwanted chin hairs?
  • Homelessness in Bristol
  • My kids growing up in the City
  • having money to pay the bills next month
  • my hair needs a cut – shall I get a blunt fringe again
  • Have I drunk enough water today?
  • Plastics
  • Have the kids eaten their 5 a day
  • Can someone clean the bathroom
  • Need to write a newsletter
  • 3 blog posts for next week
  • Can I afford a studio
  • My garden could do with a tidy up and weeding

What would your list look like…..?


  • Thanks for sharing your list. Mine is pretty similar. Always worrying about money, if I’m doing the right thing, am I doing enough, gosh darn social media, oh what shall we eat, the environment, have I booked an MOT for the car, have I signed the all the school trip letters, what do I need to do about eldest kids student finance, is my mum ok…I wonder if life has always seemed this complicated? It probably has

  • Ha, this list doesn’t look to dissimilar from my head rambles (minus the kid focused concerns). At the top of the list of concerns is the question where and when we should relocate. My boyfriend and I are looking to leave Leeds, so planning for that is taking up a lot of headspace.

  • I’m so glad its not just me – climate change, the kids futures (what jobs will they do, will they have a home? will there even be a planet left to support them), getting old, dying, plastic in the ocean, deforestation, the empty skies, dying insects, will I ever get over myself and be happy and confident, will we ever have money to finish the house, am I enough, what vegetables shall I grow this year, can I even be bothered, can I finish my book, can I launch a second career, what should I be doing, when is bin day, what about the ironing, Brexit, are my kids happy……. you did ask!! I could go on. take comfort that you’re not alone. and no one has all the answers.

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