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Back in 1998 (yes 20 years ago) I landed in Tel Aviv, Israel for the first time.  The air smelt hot and dusty, I can almost smell it now looking at these pictures. Israel is probably an unusual place to visit as a young girl, who isn’t Jewish, but whilst travelling, I’d met many an Israeli who I befriended.  I decided visited them in their home country.  Soon, Israel and Tel Aviv became my home for a few years, as I worked in a bar at night, and sunbathed in the day.  Oh to be young and free again.

Tel Aviv back then was a funny old mix of Mediterranean party town and the history and culture of the middle east.  Not quite sure where it stood in the world.  When I lived there, Tel Aviv was shabby, run down and a bit dirty.  Nothing like the beautiful hotel I’m about to share.  Gone are the hippy tie dye shops selling fake tat from India or the stray cat infested markets (not selling it am I) – now in their place are cool bars, mouthwatering restaurants and even cooler hotels.  Tel Aviv has got hip.

The Vera is nothing like the Tel Aviv I remember.  Back then it was full of backpacker hostels and seedy bars.  Now, 20 years on, beautiful design led hotels, restaurants and shops occupy central Tel Aviv.

The Vera is full of homegrown talent, and has been designed to showcase work by local artisans – all handcrafted by Tel Avivians.  From soap and scent makers to the liquor mixed into signature cocktails served in the bar.

The hotel sits right in the middle of the buzzing centre,  on street between the boutique shops and galleries in Neve Tzedek and the bustling Allenby Street, a cultural and commercial hotspot. I used to live just off Allenby Street, and used to walk along it on my way to work each day.

Inside, the hotel emphasises luxury with a paired back simple style.  I adore the bedrooms and en-suite bathroom.  Just look at that tub!  Each room has a small balcony to catch some early morning sun, before heading the nearby beach or in search of some culture.

There is so much to see and do in Israel.  The historic Jerusalem, the dead sea and of course all of the Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv.  Take a walk along the seafront and you will leave the buzzing Tel Aviv and enter Jaffa.  The ancient town, with it’s old buildings, alleyways and secret courtyards.

Israel may not be on your radar yet, but its got heaps of style.

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