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With Easter weekend on the horizon, most of us will use this long break to get outside and tidy up the garden.  If the weather turns out nice, might even indulge in a bbq!

But, whether you have a large field of a garden or a small courtyard or balcony, choosing the right garden furniture for your space will totally transform your garden from a patch of ground to a space to chill.

There are so many great styles furniture all with differing price tags, that you are sure to find something that suits you.  Here is a small round-up of my favourite chairs, benches and garden sofa’s out there.

I am currently lusting after the palissade lounge sofa in olive green.  It is timeless, elegant and will look flipping amazing in my back yard.  But, if I had a bigger outside space, then I could be tempted to get the Maison du Monde bamboo garden bench seat… its stuff of Ibizan chillin dreams!

In fact these two pieces of furniture sum me up completely. One part of me wants minimal form, cool design and urban living.  The part half wants laid back Mediterranean Ibizan cool, lounging on white linen listening to Ibizan chill out.  Yeah complex!

Either way, I want to use my small urban yard this summer, and plan on putting something in there that I can sit read, sip a glass of G&T and relax.  So here are some of my favourites:

Clockwise from top left:

rattan & black metal arm chair – £259 La Redoute

White linen & bamboo sofa – £419 Maison du Monde

Woven armchair – £215 Maison du Monde

Olive green Palissade lounge sofa – £347

Olive green Palissade low chair – £250

I agree, garden furniture shopping can be pricey, and these are on the expensive side.  But, they should last you many many years to come.  So buy well. Cheap furniture will only last a season.  Trust me.

If you are interested in discovering more affordable furniture then please check out my carousel below.

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Image sources:

top image: Julie Pointer Adams taken at Camellas Lloret, where I stayed a few years ago.

second image: