Interiors | Bathroom re-model…

We moved into our home 13 years ago.  All bright eyed, heavily pregnant and full of excitement about the future.  This was our first owned home, we had rented for several years in various places, and were so excited about the prospect of making a house a home.  So excited in fact, that we bought the most revolting Victorian terrace, the ugliest house on the street.

Moving in, the first thing we did was to move the bathroom from downstairs to upstairs.  Being pregnant with Charlie, I didn’t fancy wandering up and down the stairs nightly needing the loo.  We put up stud walls and made a back bedroom into the now bathroom.

Decorated in pale grey tongue and groove panelling and Victorian style fittings, it felt right at the time. Sympathetic to this house. This was 13 years ago, and all of a sudden the space is looking mouldy and shabby.

Our shower leaks, the wooden window frame as rotten, and black mould is covering the walls around it. Plus I’ve fallen out of love of this style of bathroom.  A re-model is on the horizon, exciting!

Image sources (clockwise from top left): Sarahshermansamuels | Lamuselenis | source unknown via Pinterest | Drench | BeckiOwens

My inspiration, as you can see, is all about the brass hardware.  We are getting rid of the bath, as we all tend to mainly shower now anyway.  Freeing up the space to have a large walk-in shower, with big rose shower head for that rainfall shower experience.  I was drawn to sage green tiles, but Dan advised me that I tend to get bored of colour quite quickly, so I’ve opted for long white tiles on the wall, set in a column pattern (as seen above in the green bathroom).  And then white hexagon mosaic tiles for the floor.

The sink will be moved to next to the shower and will have wall mounted taps.  I’ve order these from Dowsing & Reynolds. This simple tap will look amazing against these white tiles.  I am also getting an Ikea unit and sink. but will change the doors to ply and have them painted.  Not sure what colour yet, maybe sage green or keep the whole room white?  What do you think?

I would love an oval mirror above it, and have a couple of wall sconces either side. I really like these from Spark & Bell.

I’m bloomin excited. I can’t wait to share the process and finished room.  Can’t wait to start!