Interiors | Tine K Home, Slow Collection 2019…

Okay, so when can I move into the latest Tine K Home shoot?  Hmmm?  Rattan furniture, blush pink Moroccan walls, palm trees and delicious sunshine.  What is not to love?

As the years have gone by, my interiors style has radically changed.  I used to love colour when the boys were little, I think I fell in love bright images that my kids loved too.  As they have gotten older, my style has morphed from Modern Rustic to a more minimal style.  Give me a room simply dressed with good quality pieces… a sense of calm and space – and I’ll be happy.

This seasons collection from Tine K home is pretty perfect for me.

The Slow Collection is based on honest materials and usable colours for a calm and fundamental yet sophisticated atmosphere. Sense the collection and take your time to slow down and enjoy all our handmade products. The collection was photographed in a hidden location with a scenery of wildness and rare beauty.  The architecture is massive and simple and the walls speak their own language with dusty red colours. When sun breaks through, light and shadow let the Slow Collection shine by its simplicity and elegance, and it shows that some moments need to be enjoyed slowly.

I love rattan, a basket goes with everything, and can be used for everything.  White ceramics, linen fabrics and I’m in heaven.  I have always dreamt of moving to the med, living life in a home with cooling tiles under foot, a small pool to dunk myself in – wafting through my days draped in linen.

Oh yes – I can see me living here.  Can you?  Just add a mountain of Lego, a TV with Zelda Breath of the Wild constantly on. And two cats waiting to be fed.  But that would make it home, right?

Collaboration Note:  This post is in no way sponsored or paid for.  I’m sharing as I do genuinely love this latest collection.  All words and opinions are my own.  Images courtesy of TineKHome.