Floral | White peony love with Bloom & Wild…

this post is in collaboration with Bloom & Wild

My name is Lou, and I have a thing for white flowers.  Or very pale pink or blush/orangey/brown flowers.  But mainly I’m a purest at heart and like my flowers white.  My own back yard is mainly filled with white flowers, the occasional colour pops in when my mum gives me a cutting from her garden or a birthday present arrives.  But on the whole I like to keep it simple.  White blooms with green foliage – and if I can green flowers too, then all the better!

Why?  Calmness.  Simplicity. Purity.  In a manic world, I prefer to keep things on the down low at home.  A chance to chill my chattering mind, and allow the sensation of being in a simple space flow.

This time of year brings many white flowers.  May is for cow parsley, elderflower and May blossom in our hedgerows.  In the garden, fox gloves and of course PEONIES!

Bloom & Wild, the floral letterbox delivery service, recently sent me box of their Serenity bouquetWhite stems of peonies, snapdragons and delicate meadowy foliage.  With it, also came a hand poured Bergamot scented candle.

The box arrived, through the letterbox, and I quickly opened to reveal the stems.  Inside were delicate wrapped beauties, waiting to be woken.  Following the instructions, I snipped the ends off in a diagonal and began to arrange them.

Using a Rebecca Proctor vase and a floristry frog pin – I decided to give the Japanese art of Ikebana a go.

I held each stem up to the vessel, and cut the ends to vary the heights.  Working in the rule of thirds, I wanted to give movement and flow to the arrangement.  Allowing the peonies to take centre stage and the grasses to frame them.

I’m super pleased with how it turned out.

Each morning I come downstairs, and the arrangement has changed.  Flowers are opening, and it is becoming fuller.  Simple pleasures eh?

Thank you Bloom & Wild for sending me this stunning bouquet.  It has reignited my love of arranging.  I hope to do more on here soon.

Collaboration Note:  Bloom & Wild sent me a bouquet for the purpose of this review.  All words, thoughts and images are my own.  Thank you for supporting the posts that make this blog possible.