Interiors | Nature in the home…

designer chair and tall seed heads sit in a modern space

If you have been a long time follower of this blog, you may remember many years ago I started a series called ‘Nature in the Home‘.  The series showcased how plants and natural objects can be used as styling props within rooms, to create an ‘outside in‘ sense of calm.

Back in 2012, when I started this hashtag, there was a very limited amount of nature being used in styling.  Now, house plants, trees, dried seeds and more are used as if it’s the norm.

My own home has vases of dried honesty, eucalyptus, glass jars full of fir cones, pots of shells and pebbles collected from far flung beaches, I have memories saved in those objects.

I’m always drawn to homes that display items such as these, and use them in a considered way.  This leads me on to this beautiful home designed by Russian architect; Maria Marinina – packed full of design ideas, and of course natural objects in abundance.

vaulted ceiling of the beautiful home - nature in the home

nature in the home - grasses in a vase

Adding dried seed heads, or a vase full of grasses need not be messy or wild.  But it can add drama to a otherwise minimal space.  I adore these black vases with simple stems.  And the bright green of the artichokes below.

Can I please have that durian fruit pot?  What an incredible spiky piece.  That alongside the silky fronds of the pampas grass is just wonderful – all the texture!

So, what do you think?  Beige and natural beauty or bland and cold?  I absolutely love it.

Shall I bring back my nature in the home?  Do you want to see more interiors inspiration?  Leave me a comment below.