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this post is in collaboration with PLUME

We are a family of tech lovers. What modern family isn’t? I work from home, and spend 90% of my time on-line, so internet connection with high speed and great WiFi coverage is really important to me, I can’t work without it. My whole home is my office and I work from where I like, from the sofa, dining table or even my bed (when all the other rooms are being used by the family). We just don’t have the space for a dedicated office, so I need to have WiFi that allows me flexibility.

WiFi connection throughout the house is really important, the kids in their rooms, Charlie up in the loft bedroom to outside in the garden shed. We live life on-line and patchy connection will not be tolerated! Seriously, though, with us spending our time working, gaming, streaming Netflix to coding Lego robots – there is always one of us using the internet. So, as a family, we need WiFi that can do the job – enter Plume.

With the boys being online so much, we also need to monitor the content they are consuming. Thankfully, not only does Plume give incredible WiFi service, it also allows us to take control of our devices. Using the app on our phones, we can see who is online, what device they are using, how long they have been online and how much data they are using. The great parental control settings are easy to use, I’ve set Rufus with access to child appropriate sites and for Charlie, teen appropriate. Additionally, I can approve or block specific websites per device or profile to keep my family safe.


uses breakthrough cloud-based technology powered by AI, and provides a full-strength, uninterrupted connectivity where and when you need it. We were sent a starter pack which includes 3 SuperPods to try out, which, when dotted throughout the house gives us full connectivity from room to room.

Design led, the minimal looking pods are just simply plugged into the mains, and with their adaptive technology, they constantly ‘speak’ to each other ensuring that the connection is excellent. Unlike mesh network systems, Plume continuously learns about our Internet needs and performs advanced self-optimisations, allocating capacity to devices that need it most. And it gets better each day!

We couldn’t wait to try it out. The set up was super easy, I downloaded the app to my phone, and followed the instructions. First, I unplugged our existing modem, and all the devices that were attached. Then plugged in one of the pods with the ethernet cable which came in the box. Once this was detected by the app, I then plugged in the other two pods around the house, ensuring that nothing obvious obscured the signal, like a fridge or thick walls.

Within minutes the system was up and running, and began optimising our service. Signing into the Plume WiFi, we noticed that the coverage throughout the house was great. There used to be a ‘dead spot’ in the back bedroom and bathroom, now not a problem, with the pods giving coverage throughout the house.

The app also allows us to enforce an internet freeze. By scheduling this during our day, it allows us to limit internet usage for a specific device or family member. . So when homework or chores need doing, I can freeze the internet, until the kids have done it. Plus, I have frozen certain devices, such as the boys’ phones and the Nintendo Switch from 6pm through to 8am – so these cannot be used.

It’s only been a week since we’ve started using Plume, and I must admit I am hooked. Regularly checking in to the app to see how it’s doing, giving the boys ‘time out’ off devices to focus on other things – much to their annoyance. I am even thinking of having device free evenings for myself and Dan, no scrolling Instagram whilst watching the TV. Perfect! Maybe I won’t live my life so ‘on-line’ now after all. For set-up and purchasing information, we are a family of 4 in a 3 bedroom house over 3 floors (loft conversion). We have 3 SuperPods. Which is giving us an excellent signal throughout the house. You may need to have more if you have a bigger home or family.

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Images & styling by Lou Archell