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Dreaming of summer holidays and wearing simple dresses all day long.  Since loosing 2 stone in weight, my wardrobe of summer clothes no longer fits.  I’m reluctant to get rid of everything, but instead choosing simple items to incorporate into my summer wear.

Looking through, I realised I didn’t have a little black dress.  I know!  I’ve spotted several I liked, this one from Arket and this one from Cos – but wasn’t prepared to pay that kinda money. Until I saw this cheaper version from Zara.  At half the price, it was a winner!

The dress is on the large side.  I’m wearing a size small, it’s roomy, tent like and perfect for a hot summers day.  The ‘slot collar’ is a bit gappy so I may sew a stitch in it stop my boobs from being seen.

The dress has long sleeves with a buttoned opening on the cuffs, which I prefer to roll up, I have a strong dislike to cuffs tight around my wrists.  The dress also has front pockets, which to me are in a weird position, being right at the front, rather than on the hips, but at least it has pockets!

The hem is asymmetric, meaning it dips down at the back. And at my short 5ft 2 height means it is almost floor length.

A totally wearable dress and at £39.99 it’s not going to break the bank either.

I’m wearing the dress with my new (gifted) sandals from Cara which are actually navy in colour, but are such a dark navy blue that you wouldn’t notice when wearing it with black.  I love how comfy these sandals are and with the platform sole it gives me a bit of height also. I would wear the dress with chunky trainers or teva sandals too.

Dan and I had a lovely day in the sunshine, me wearing this outfit whilst he took photos.  We had lunch in wapping wharf in Bristol and wandered around the docks.  If you like my outfit posts, then leave me a comment below.

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Collaboration Note:  This post contains affiliate links of which I may obtain a small amount of commission on each sale.  Shoes kindly gifted by Cara Shoes.  All words and opinions are my own.