Career Advice | Welcome to the tool shed…


I have been blogging now for 9 years!  NINE!  During that time I have amassed a wealth of knowledge on creating content, photography, editing, freelance working, and of course how to make money!

It’s been hard at times, learning on the job.  With no formal training in photography, running my own business or marketing – I’ve somehow turned this once hobby into a full time career.


With hard work, a lot of perseverance and perhaps a little balsyness I’ve gone from stay at home mum to earning enough money to provide for my whole family.  It’s not been easy by any stretch.  I’ve fallen, things have failed, but I’ve learnt from my mistakes and have moved on.

I have wanted to share my knowledge for so long, toying with the idea of an ecourse (which may happen in the future) but in the meantime I’ve created THE TOOL SHED.  A space where I can share advice to you, free of charge.  Anything from what camera I use, to 6 apps that help me work – and so on.

So if you are interested and want learn from me, and get some inside knowledge then sign up below.  You will get instant access to the TOOL SHED – where you can download my pdfs.

Love Lou x