Gardens | Kew Gardens with the boys…

I’ve wanted to visit Kew Gardens for a lifetime, god knows why it has taken me so long to get there.  Finally, last weekend we went, and thankfully Kew did not disappoint.  In the June sunshine, the garden shone, bursting with flowers, layers of planting and green for miles.  I swiftly fell in love, from the moment of entrance…

The Palm House blew me away. Victorian architecture still doing it’s job, keeping the inside a balmy temperature like the tropics.  Climbing the spiral staircase, the heat intensified and I soon became a sweating mess.  But the sweat was worth it…. oh my!  Look at it!

The faded grandeur, the peeling paint and rusted railings.  The curve of the glass and the spikes of palms showing through. I love it all.

My camera lens kept steaming up in the humidity, so all these images are taken on my phone – not the best photos, but at least there are some to share the beauty of the Palm House.

The humidity was so intense, I could only bear being inside for 10 minutes at a time, before dashing back out to cool myself down.

Charlie was so inspired. Marvelling at the form of leaves, the structure of the glasshouse.  He got lost in a world of photography, and kept telling me how inspired he was.  WIN WIN!

Outside we wandered on towards the temperate house, and the treetop walk way.  The temperate house is stunning, vast in comparison to the Palm House.  Modern in design, it is more like a garden in it’s layout.

The weather was gusty the day we visited.  And up on the treetop walkway it was nervey.  The trees wobbling around, made us feel like we were, even though the walkway itself is solid.  But the view of the trees and of Kew is one not to be missed.

Afterwards we wandered around the whole of the gardens, down to the Thames and back through the main vista passed the temples.

We were there for about four hours in total.  I could have stayed much longer, but with two teenagers in tow, four hours was just about right.

If you have never visited Kew Gardens before, then make sure you do. It’s a wonderful day out.

Kew Gardens

Richmond TW9 3AB