Two free Lightroom Mobile presets…

I’ve been asked many many times if I would develop a set of presets for Lightroom.  Just a simple set, to help you achieve the style of my photography.  I love bright whites, highlights and shadows.  Not one for overly filtered images nor do I like split toning.  I prefer simple shots, that show the beauty of the subject.

So, if you like what I create, then let me introduce you to my two presets especially designed for Lightroom Mobile App for your phone.


Light and bright.  With exposure upped, whites increased and saturation low.  Perfect for indoor compositions, flowers and food.  Here are the before and after shots:

The before is straight from the camera, unedited.  The after shot is with the Aura preset added.


Sage is for lovers of deep and moody photography.  Apply this preset to your portraits, landscapes and pictures of trees.  Here the Sage preset has deepened the shadows, enriched the greens and bought out the crispness of the ginko leaves.

The before is straight from the camera, unedited.  The after shot is with the SAGE preset added.

Please note, that these presets are for use on Lightroom Mobile app only – and to be applied on images from your phone.

These presets will give the above looks to your images, but as with all presets they should be used as a base to your image, and further tweaks such as exposure, crop and clarity should be added depending on your image.

To grab these two FREE presets, please sign up below and you will be receive a downloadable file.  Please open this on your phone, and follow the instructions.