Interiors | Bathroom remodel, mood board…

After months of saving, and planning, this weekend we started with the remodel of the upstairs of our house.  We love where we live, although our house is still small, it is in a fantastic location in Bristol.  A short walk into the centre with lots of things on hand, activities, cinema, restaurants and more.  A perfect place for two growing teens to live.

But, our home is very small.  A tiny Victorian terrace, a 2 up 2 down place, which once had the bathroom tacked on the back.  We bought it 14 years ago, before Charlie was born, and moved the bathroom upstairs, and redecorated before he was born.

Then, when we were pregnant with Rufus (we always seem to do work then) we knocked through from the dining room to Kitchen to make a large open space.  Then remodelling stopped.  We raised our kids, I developed the blog, we decorated by painting rooms – but that was it.  Until now.

Now, nearly 12 years later, and no I’m not pregnant!, we are changing the flow of our upstairs so it works for us and two growing teens.

Our current layout

Our current layout is; go in from the front door, lounge to the right, then the stairs run up left to right in the middle of the house, walking past the stairs into the open kitchen dining room.

Upstairs, the stairs lands, with our bedroom at the front (over the lounge). The other side of the stairs is a landing and a small bathroom (which we put in, when we moved in), the dark corridor moves round the bathroom to the back room (Rufus’ old bedroom) and then stairs up to the loft. Got it?  No?  I’ll try and do a drawing for my next post.

What is changing?

We are flipping the stairs, so the rise from in the dining room, and land under the stairs to the loft. We need to open new doorway into our bedroom, and then close off the tight landing to make a large bedroom for Rufus (which was our bathroom).  Swapping Ru’s room with the bathroom – make better use of the space.  Again I’ll draw it all out so you can see what I mean.

What’s happening now?

First things first.  We’ve emptied Ru’s bedroom, and as it’s the school holidays we’ve put him upstairs in the loft room with Charlie – they love it.  Like a big sleep over.  This weekend, Dan has pulled down the wall from the landing to the new bathroom, so we can move the door over (to make space for the loo).  He’s also put in a skylight to add natural light to the dark back room., which has totally transformed the space.


I’m looking to achieve a calm serene space.  Long white porcelain tiles on the walls, and penny mosaic tiles on the floor – c/o Mandarin stone *.  Brass hardware, taps and shower from Dowsing & Reynolds. **  With rough wood, baskets and marble details. I’m hoping it will be a space I want to spend a lot of time in.  Bathing in the bath, staring at the stars.


Follow our progress on Instagram stories – I’ve saved the work as a highlight on my feed.  I’ll hope to share as we go along.  Exciting!

Collaboration Note:  We have been kindly gifted the tiles by Mandarin stone, and the brass taps and shower from Dowsing & Reynolds were media discounted.  All words and opinions are my own. Images sourced via Pinterest.