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Fancy a hour long retreat in a beautiful garden in Cornwall?  Well, the Sensory Spa Garden at the Bedruthan Hotel & Spa is just what you need.  Last weekend, Dan and I were treated to a blissful morning, indulging in body scrubs, a sauna and hot tub in the sunshine.

Bedruthan Hotel has been on my radar for a while now, as I’ve know school friends who have taken a break there with their family.  A hotel that is totally geared up for young kids as well as teens, it’s a chance for the whole family to relax and soak in that beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Friday afternoon we arrived, and jumped straight into the pool.  Which was surprisingly refreshing, although Rufus preferred the smaller heated pool. We lounged in the warm sunshine, and fully relaxed. I Whilst I had a massage treatment booked into the spa, the boys played pool and chilled in the bar area.

My massage was incredible, a mix of deep tissue and reiki, which left me feeling completely floppy. If you do have this treatment, I’d recommend an early night, as it’s very full on, and I was wiped out afterwards – happy, but exhausted.

That evening we ate in the Wild Cafe in the hotel.  Rufus and I enjoyed a big bowl of mussels each, and Dan had fish & chips, Charlie had a burger.  All to the backdrop of the most amazing view of the beach below.

After dinner we wandered down the coastal path to watch the sunset behind the cliffs.  A truly magical way to spend my birthday.  My favourite people by the sea.

The following morning, after breakfast, Dan and I had an hour in the Sensory Spa Garden.  A pretty private space for adults, which consists of 6 steps to relaxation.  We took a little tour of what each step entailed.  Starting with an oatmeal scrubs to slough off any dry rough areas of the body.  Then a shower, followed by a 10 minutes in the sauna.

The sauna is a cute wood barrel, with the most spectacular view of the ocean from inside.  It was so warm, both outside and in, that I couldn’t stand being in there more than 5 minutes.  The next step was the cold water bucket.  Holding the handle in the left hand and pull, a bucket of cold water rushes over your head.  Exhilarating!

Then onto the next step – the hot tub.  A good 20 minute or so lounge in the deep wooden tub, with bubbles or not, depending how you like it.  Our host kept us hydrated with glasses of grapefruit & mint flavoured water.  Dan and I sat there blissed out.

The final steps involved an oily scrub in the shower, we both really enjoyed it, scrubbing our bodies and then washing it off, leaving silky soft skin.  Finally, we sat in our robes by the fire drinking lemongrass & ginger tea.  Fully zen.

The timings are staggered, with 15 minutes between couples arriving, so you get to move on to the next step before the others catch up. The garden is big enough for 3 couples at a time, and with 3 hot tubs, so you get to have one for yourself. Bonus!

The whole experience felt special. Not rushed nor crowded. Dan and I could talk, without feeling there were others there, in fact when we were all in our tubs, we could have been alone.  If you are wondering what the boys were doing, they were happy playing in the games room or playing on the trampoline.  But if your kids are too young to entertain themselves, the hotel offers babysitting services.

The best bits about our stay, the Spa, the view, and family time.  What more do you need in a hotel, right?

Bedruthan Hotel & Spa

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Collaboration Note:  Thank you to Bedruthan Hotel for inviting us to stay for the purpose of this review.  All words, thoughts and images are my own.  Thank you for supporting the posts that make this blog possible.