Interiors | 10 of the best bathroom lights…

When it came to designing our bathroom, I had a clear vision about it’s look.  Clean, white with wood details and brass hardware.  I was getting carried away with tiling and style of bath, and though little about lighting.

Now we are at a point of ‘first fix’ with the electrics the question of lighting has risen.  It is something I haven’t even thought about until now, and I must admit, I’m finding it hard to source the best lighting for the job… so if you are about to do your bathroom, then this could be of use to you.  I’ve done all the hard work!


Before investing in any new lighting, think about the times of the day that you use the bathroom; the natural light levels it benefits from; window locations; and whether there are any obstructions to light outside, such as trees.

Always consider lighting once the location of fixtures has been finalised – think about the ambience you want to create and the features that you’d like to draw attention to, such as a bath or architectural details.

Lay out a floor plan on paper, showing the location and dimensions of sanitary-ware, doors and windows, as well as wall, ceiling and floor lights and switches, working closely with your electrician to find practical solutions for your space.

In our new bathroom I knew I wanted to spend a lot of time in the bath, and I didn’t want to do that with the overhead light on, nor to just rely on candles for light.  So I have chosen to have both wall lights and an overhead ceiling light – but to have them operate on separate switches, so one can be on and the other not.

Make sure that the lighting you want is bathroom safe. Lights which are IP44 rated are designed for use in bathrooms and other environments where water spray is a risk.  If in doubt, speak to an electrician who will be able to advise you on the right fixtures you will need.

Location sorted, what lights are out there….

10 of the best bathroom lights

Now this is where I can get torn.  Am I a classic girl or a contemporary one.  I have feet in both camps.  I absolutely adore fluted and milk glass, so does this make me classic?  Yet I’m also a fan of simple forms, and no fuss – so is this contemporary?  Oh help?!

Here is a round up of some of the best classic style wall lights for the bathroom:

  1. ‘Jack’ in frosted glass with antiqued silver fitting – £79 from
  2. ‘Espere’ in clear glass with antiqued brass fitting – £111 from
  3. ‘Alma’ spotlight with ceramic shade – £35 from Garden Trading
  4. ‘Hexagon’ wall light in brass – £195 from Holloways of Ludlow
  5. Old school electric prismatic wall light  – £79 from Holloways of Ludlow

  1. ‘Ostana’ lamp – £15 from Ikea
  2. ‘Wanda’ Lamp – £39 from
  3. ‘Vetro’ wall light – £29 from
  4. ‘Menton’ wall light in brushed brass – £45 from Lighting Direct
  5. ‘Nordlux’ outdoor light (can also be used in the bathroom) – £54 from

I’m still none the wiser on what to do.  I’ve bought the Menton wall lights, and will live with them for the time being, if I feel they aren’t right and it turns out I’m a classic kinda gal, then I will change them :)

Image via Vogue.