Interiors | Welcome home with Ferm Living A|W 19…

Autumn is on the horizon, and the need to nest is real.  Cold dark nights make me want to close the shutters, light candles and snuggle up in warm blankets.  That feeling of coming home, after a busy day, cold wet and tired… to land back in your nest.

Stepping through the front door, home is just more than bricks and mortar, it is a place that ties together our emotions, our values and ways of thinking.  A place of comfort and solace in a world of worrying events and climate change.  Home needs to reflect our ethos and present a space where one can completely relax.

Ferm LIVING’s new Autumn / Winter collection has captured the fluid and irregular shapes of nature, tactile experiences and their love for handicrafts, recycled materials and colours that range from ebony to ivory.

I must say, I have been a long time fan of Ferm and each every year their new collections seem to surpass the previous.  Soft hues of beige, rust, navy and browns, teamed with rattan, ceramics and textiles – it reminds me of very chic 70s homes, but updated for the modern time.

To most, the living room is a sanctuary, a multidisciplinary space that calls for reflection as well as lively parties. This season see’s the addition to the voluminous Rico Series, with the Rico Ottoman, Rico Divan and Rico Lounge Chair Swivel.

I adore the wobbly, wabi sabi, hand-shaped Hebe Lamp series, it displays bold, feminine shapes and an artistic touch. The ceramic bases are made in different textures from high gloss to raw clays combined with a lampshade made from natural textile. The lampshade is available in two colours and three sizes.  And I desperately want one for my lounge!

Revisiting the tradition of hanging platters, ferm LIVING has created the hand-painted Ceramic Platter series in tribute to womanhood. With a simple silhouette of a woman, the series of five platters celebrate femininity in all its different shapes and colours. Oh my! I have never wanted a plate so badly.  Immediately going on my Christmas list.

In terms of our immediate needs at home, our Bathroom is in a state of building site! I cannot wait to get in there once it’s finished.  The bathroom calls for serenity and peace. This is the place we retreat to for a quiet moment, allowing ourselves to breathe and focus our attention inwards. To provide a soft and rich bathroom experience, ferm LIVING introduces the subtle, colour-blocked Pile Bathroom Mat. Woven from upcycled plastic bottles, this series forms an irresistible texture and an oasis for your feet on cold bathroom floors.

Stand out pieces for me (and are on my wishlist) are:

All images are via ferm LIVING.

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