Travel | The Audo, Copenhagen…

I love Copenhagen, it’s such a vibrant, stylish city.  With many incredible design brands having their home there, it is no wonder that the hotels, restaurants and shops are the most design led I’ve ever seen.

So when former CEO and founder of MENU, Bjarne Hansen took on a new venture, a hotel & concept store I knew it would be something special.


The Audo is a new space in Copenhagen facilitating and celebrating human interaction and connection, as well as artistic expression. The name, Audo, is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase Ab Uno Disce Omnes meaning ”from one, learn all”, defining the space as a place for people to share ideas, experiences and knowledge.

The vision is for The Audo to be used as a meeting place where the international art and design community can come together, collaborate, experiment, and incorporate the inspiration they find into a unique story that they can then share with the world.


The Audo’s architecture team, led by Norm Architects founder Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Norm Architects partner Peter Eland, transformed a disused merchant house for a shipping magnate in Nordhavn, Copenhagen’s new waterfront city district and former industrial port. The Audo’s building is one of the oldest in the area, and, as an homage to the historic character, Norm Architects chose to preserve the building’s façade.

Internally, the building resembles a collector’s home with selected items from friends and brand partners of The Audo. “I hope this becomes a reference point for social encounters within the field of culture for young, creative professionals.” Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen says. “Globally, I hope we can contribute to new ways of thinking about blending work, life, and travel.”

The building, as expected, is beautifully designed.  Clean lines, polished concrete, terrazzo tiles, wood clad walls and sumptuous furnishings.  A place to really linger.


The standard room

Sleep under the original wooden trusses of this historic building. The standard rooms give a fantastic design experience and a unique stay at the Audo Residence. These sensuous rooms honour a mix of classic and modern interiors with rich materials and artistic details. With carefully selected range of products and exhibition pieces, including bespoke furniture, books, art works and home accessories.

The standard rooms all offer their own colour story. With connected sleeping and living room spaces. The wooden floors, textile upholstered furniture and leather details combine to make a warm and elegant backdrop. All rooms offer en-suite bathrooms with walk-in showers.


The Studio Suite truly offers you an enticing stay at The Audo. This warm and luxurious room has a combined sleeping and living room with a table for working, giving you the full Audo experience. With a carefully curated selections of products and works of art, including bespoke furniture, books, ceramics and home accessories.

Sleep next to the original wooden structure that speaks to the age and history of the building with a view over the Audo Yard. The colour story of the studio suite is rich with beautiful oak floors, closets and wall panels. Furthermore, the Studio suite offers an en-suite bathroom with a large bathtub.


The concept store invites guests to experience The Audo as a whole where it is possible to purchase any part or all of it, so you can take the Audo experience home. From the linen and robes from our residence, to the cushions, accessories, crockery, furniture and even stationery; everything can be purchased at the Audo Concept.

I think this has confirmed my love of design, married with travel and a longing for Copenhagen.  I must visit The Audo and soon!

The Audo

Århusgade 130
2150 Copenghagen


Images courtesy of The Audo.