Wellbeing | Forest bathing…

Sometimes I crave the forest. I practically hear the woods calling me… desperate for a chance for some forest bathing.  Not heard of it?  let me fill you in.


Forest Bathing is spending time in a forest to reduce stress and feel a sense of well-being. It originated in Japan, where it is called shinrin-yoku, and it is now one of the cornerstones of Japanese healthcare.

Forest Bathing draws on the therapeutic powers of nature and connects people with the natural environment. I know that after just 10 minutes in the woods, I feel calmer and more connect to myself and my surroundings.  Leaving with a happier state of mind.



Everyone can try forest bathing. Even a walk in the woods brings a deeper connection with nature and a feeling of well-being, free from the distractions of our modern world.

Studies have shown that a spot of forest bathing can reduce stress levels. This is not only good for your mental health but it leads to improvements in many aspects of your physical health, including a boost to your immune system. It also frees up your creativity and problem-solving capabilities and it improves your mood.  No wonder I leave the woods having solved a few dilemmas and have formed a plan of action.


Forest bathing is a powerful antidote to the pressures of the modern world, proven to deliver lasting benefits to our physical and mental well-being, plus it helps us to connect with nature.

In Japan it is now part of their preventative health care system – as they know the mental, physical and spiritual health benefits it delivers. Also known as forest therapy, it draws on thousands of years of intuitive knowledge – we are part of nature and we have a deep need to feel that connection.

Autumn is one of the best times to visit your local woodland.  Crunch leaves under foot, spot squirrels searching for acorns. Discover mushrooms and so much more.  It’s where you will find me.