Advent Door 7 | Cara Shoes…

Day Seven reveals the collaboration with my favourite footwear brand, Cara.  I adore their shoes, and wore a pair of their sandals non-stop last Summer.

Cara first opened its doors in Cheltenham and Bristol in 1986 after trading under Midas Shoes and the Turner Brothers name since the late 1800’s. It has since grown into innovative ladies footwear brand with an online shop and eight stores in the South of England. Cara also supplies to over 200 independent retailers and boutiques over the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Favourite items from this AW19 collection are Cecile, a brogue with ribbon laces, and Cesane, a sophisticated high heeled boot.  Both have French connections as were designed by Marion Toufet of Paris.  Oh la la!

Behind door #7:

So, opening up Door 7 – you will find:

a £100 gift card to spend on a footwear of your choice (subject to availability)

To enter:

  1. Head to Cara Shoes website and choose your favourite pair of shoes and why?
  2. Leave a comment below, telling us what your favourite goddess is and why?
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The giveaway will end on midnight (GMT) 31st December 2019.  The winner will be notified by Sunday 5th January 2020 via email.  Open to UK residents only.

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This article was written in cooperation with Cara Shoes.

  • I love so many shoes and boots at Cara Shoes but I think my favourite is the Finn pair. They are super stylish and unusual.

  • I love the MILO shoe boot as it’s casual, practical & stylish. Ideal for wearing with jeans for forest walks or evenings out to dinner with a dress. So versatile x

  • Oops for got to say I love the “China” sandals – smart, stylish and practical too (just like me)

  • My favourite Goddess is “Artemis” the Goddess of nature because I love nature and being outdoors

  • So many gorgeous shoes but I do love the Dalton boots – I love the details like the fleece lined top and laces, they look so stylish (with a strong thick sole so great for walks).

    My favourite goddess Aphrodite – The beautiful Goddess of love and fertility – being pregnant myself now I appreciate her all the more!

    (Instagram handle: bgcat14)

  • I love the Hilton boots in Jet because they’d be perfect with my boot cut jeans as well as thick tights and my tartan skirt – they look so comfy too.

  • Lakshmi who is an Indian goddess of prosperity and good fortune who is a favourite because after a dodgy year I need a dose of luck moving forwards. She is also often represented in art with white elephants and sitting in a lotus flower and the imagery is great

  • If I could win I’d choose the Santa black leather boots, that may get me out of the jeans that I wear 24/7. I’d buy them anyway, however I am now worried as they are on the Cara Instagram page today and everyone will want a pair!

  • the jump black ankle boots are gorgeous! would be perfect for work and would go with loads of outfits

  • I’d choose the beautiful Clemence in leopard, I can never resist a bit of animal print!
    My favourite goddess has to be Sulis, goddess of the Thermal Springs in my home town of Bath

  • The Harrogate ankle boots are a class act. Not only are they my favourite colour in boots they are a mixture of my most trusted styles. A classic Chelsea & western boot. My favourite goddess is Hebe, for ever lasting youth & beauty. Many believed she could restore youth to the old!

  • Who could resist Vixen .Comfort combined with style which goes with almost any outfit.
    Goddess-wise would be Flora, since I spend my time growing floers and plants.

  • My goddess would be Aphrodite, the goddess of my other message is below

  • I would choose the Haily, looking ahead to spring and as I have a bad back, comfortable footwear is a must. They look soooo comfy and also bang on trend

  • I’m a fan of the Highbury black boots – a classic but very stylish and versatile. My favourite goddess has got to be Gaia – mother Earth, for all the beauty of nature.

  • I love the cement colour Eastwood long boots, they are exactly what I’m after as I want some over the knee boots to wear with Jean’s.
    My favourite goddess was Princess Diane for her lovely nature and she was beautiful in out out.

  • The Cecile brogues with ribbons are so cute. I love brogue style shoes and the laces make them unique!

  • I love the Highbury black boots. I’m a big fan of black boots. I have tonnes already but always on the lookout for more!

  • The Mathilde boots are fab – perfect smart look with a flat heel for comfort

  • I love the Highgate boots, very stylish and perfect to wear with many outfits.

  • I love the Highgate boots in cognac because they have a bit of heel but not too much to wear for childchasing and the colour is gorgeous. Goddess wise, Minerva would be my pick – wisdom, arts, healing and an owl as her symbol – fab.

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