Advent recap | Doors 13 to 15…

Countdown is on.  And I’m continuing my recap of the Advent Calendar doors and another reminder to enter.

Doors, thirteen to fifteen are below.  Click through to read all about each giveaway and how to enter!

Each giveaway will end on midnight (GMT) 31st December 2019.  The winner will be notified by Sunday 5th January 2020 via email.  Open to UK residents only.

By participating, you agree to our competition rules.

Door 13 | MOSS

Moments Of Sense & Style is a lifestyle store and studio, with considered design and crafted product at the forefront.  Moments Of Sense & Style, MOSS, was conceived after life took an unexpected turn; and the owners lives were turned upside down.

The old adage rings true. A rolling stone gathers no moss.

Before the life changing event, owners Rob and Syreeta live life at a fast hectic pace, always on the move, urban nomads, never still. Life and tragedy made us stop; stop rolling, time to gather moss, take roots.

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Door 14 | YBC

Behind Door number 14 reveals the brilliant Yoga Brunch Club. Run by my pal Clem Balfour.  Clem founded the Yoga Brunch Club, with a mission to break down barriers and make yoga more accessible for everyone. Designed to give you the opportunity to pause, breathe, stretch, eat and connect with a new group of people who share similar interests.

Yoga Brunch Club’s events combine a fun, energising yoga session with a three-course, sit-down feast in beautiful surroundings.

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Door 15 | Aerende

Behind Door number 15 reveals the gorgeous sustainable lifestyle store,  Aerende.

Aerende is an online shop selling beautiful products and gifts for your home, all of them made in the UK by people facing social challenges. You can think of it is a special place to find a range of carefully crafted products from around the British Isles, created by makers who struggle to access or maintain conventional employment.

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