Interiors | Ferm Living SS20…

There is nothing nicer than to look at warm images of Mediterranean buildings bathed in sunlight, especially on a dark gloomy wet January.  The latest catalogue from Ferm Living has got me yearning for warm climes, and I absolutely adore everything.  Let me show you…..

A space to feel comfortably you

Your home is your sanctuary: a place where your everyday routine meets big, defining moments, where celebrations and sacrifices share space with minor frustrations and significant moments of joy. It’s where life happens.

ferm LIVING, have created products that help you to build a home that’s authentically and comfortably you. A home that encompasses all the delights and contradictions of living in a modern world. As that world becomes busier and louder, we find ourselves looking increasingly inwards – for calm, focus and our true sense of home.


The SS20 collection, earthy tones and organic shapes meet sculptural lines; solid, robust forms are merged with soft, natural fittings and honest materials. Ferm LIVING have embraced the concept of ‘low living’ – with many of the designs bringing you closer to the ground, inviting you to lean back, rest and connect to your surroundings on a new and deeper level.

Over the coming weeks, I will share my favourite pieces of the new collection, green spaces, the kitchen and living areas.  I love this time of year, a chance to plan your home and integrate some new choice pieces.  I’m not suggesting you update everything, but if something is broken or worn, then it might be time to invest in something new that will last.

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