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This bedroom!  This bedroom is my dream bedroom.  Warm, inviting, calm and luxe. OH MY GOD!  This bedroom is actually the Suite in the gorgeous hotel, Ett Hem in Stockholm.

Located in the chic Östermalm district, Ett Hem (meaning home) is a large and beautiful Arts & Crafts home in downtown Stockholm. Built in the early years of the 20th century, Ett Hem originally hosted a government official and his wife. Under their influence, the building slowly transformed into an Arts & Crafts mansion with panelled walls and large decorative ceilings.

In 2012 The renovation imagined by the English designer Ilse Crawford first focused on a series of common rooms where customers are invited to chat and relax. “It is a comfortable house of culture, as if a friend welcomes you to his home.”

I was lucky enough to have dinner there a few years ago, we had a gorgeous meal sat at the dining table in the library.  The hotel is run like a home, guests can walk in and out of the kitchen, even eat in the kitchen watching the chefs work.

Transforming such a historic house into a hotel was a delicate process. The owner, Jeanette Mix , wanted to keep the personality of the building, while offering all the services required for modern travellers. The result is a happy home filled with collections of furniture, Scandinavian antiques and design.

The hotel offers six suites, five double rooms and one duplex suite. Each room includes a mixture of vintage and modern furniture, handcrafted fabrics and all the essentials of a refined hotel.  

One day, when I return to Stockholm, I hope to stay…. that bedroom! Swoon.

Ett Hem

Sköldungagatan 2
114 27 Stockholm

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Images courtesy of Ett Hem.