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My crystal collection is rapidly expanding. What started with a humble piece of rose quartz or two it has somehow turned into drawers full of amethyst, citrine, and smoky quartz in no time. I’m no expert in Crystals, but I do know that my energy feels different when a crystal is near.  I personally love to have one in rotation on my desk. But what are the best for helping you concentrate?

The Best Crystals for Your Workspace

Clear Quartz

This clear white crystal helps us to stay focused. Clear Quartz reminds you to clear your mind and zero in on your priorities.

How to use it: Make a to-do list and place your clear quartz crystal on top to remind you to stay on track with your priorities.


Deep purple. This crystal is fantastic for those unavoidably stressful situations, use amethyst to help you get back to a place of calm and relaxation. It may guide you away from tense thoughts.

How to use it: Hold your piece of amethyst in your hand whenever you are feeling stressed.

Rose Quartz

The gentle energy of a rose quartz crystal helps you remember to be compassionate and kind to yourself and others. Rose quartz reminds to you approach all relationships from a place of love and compassion.

How to use it: Whenever you notice yourself being judgemental or critical, squeeze it to connect to your heart space.


The golden shimmer and abundant energy of pyrite crystal is associated with attracting money and wealth into your life.

How to use: Keep it close to you when doing your tax return or invoicing. Or when pitching to new clients.

Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated quartz can help break through any writer’s block. Meditate briefly on the protective energy of black tourmaline and the clarity of clear quartz to help clear your mind and release the negativity that is holding you back.

How to use it: Hold it over your forehead until you feel ready to write.


This bright green crystal is great to help when developing connections.  Chrysoprase is associated with opening your heart, strengthening your authenticity, and supporting heartfelt communication so you can connect on a deeper level with those around you.

How to use it: Keep this crystal with you as you go to meets or whilst you network —put it in your purse, pocket, or bra.

Black Tourmaline

The ultimate stone for protection, black tourmaline may be used to support your personal boundaries and prevent the energy of other people from entering your energy field.

How to use it: Hold a piece of black tourmaline and say, “I ask this black tourmaline to help me to protect against negative energy.” Then place it near the door of your workspace to ward off bad vibes.


This one is not a common crystal but so worth seeking out.  It’s good for anyone using a computer (which is nearly all of us!). Shungite is a reminder to balance the technology with nature.

How to use it: Place it underneath your device (cell phone, computer, laptop). And hold your shungite crystal in the morning to help restore your energy.


A deep green blue crystal which the one you want when stating a new project. The lore is that this crystal inspires a fresh perspective and stimulates ideas so you can take a concept and run with it.



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