Seasonal Rituals // Autumn Equinox…

Lou littlegreenshed 2017 autumn equinox

Tomorrow officially marks the Autumn Equinox, the first day of Autumn, hurrah! I adore autumn, the light, the colours, the misty mornings. I find in Summer I can’t think, I become anxious that I should be ‘out there’ soaking up the sun… when in reality summer is more about working around the school holidays and then child minding.  But hey….. that’s another story.

Autumn, for me, is all about planning, writing down intentions, preparing the home and yourself for winter.  I’m a sucker for season change. Especially when the season is associated with orange squashes and misty mornings and leaves crunching underfoot. Yes, I’ll take all the autumnal clichés, thank you.  Fluffy mittens and cocoa anyone?

You may remember my post a few weeks ago, about transitioning the home from summer to autumn, here are some more ideas for you, now that it is officially autumn….

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Simple Living // Decorating for autumn…

In autumn more than any other season, I tend to fill our home with nature finds.  Walks in the woods will see us filling our pockets with acorns and conkers. A fallen stick covered in lichen or a pretty rust coloured leaf will find it’s way in to the home.  Gathering them on our dining room mantelpiece,  a ‘nature table’ of sorts. What better items to have on show than a bowl of shiny conkers or a vase of poppy seed

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Scenes from Sunday // The Quantock hills..

Another from my ‘Scenes from Sunday’ series, where I hope to share our Sunday adventures every week.  This Sunday we drove an hour south from Bristol to Somerset and the Quantock hills, hoping to see purple heather, wild ponies and far reaching views.  What I wasn’t expecting was a huge connection to nature….

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Scenes from Sunday // Bristol Botanic Gardens in early September…

This weekend was spent dodging the rain and keeping it slow and steady.  With the first week of term, and the back to school alarm clock, we want this first weekend of September to be really slow paced. After the morning at home, we ventured out to the botanical garden for a wander around the tropical glasshouses.  A favourite of mine, but when I mentioned it to the kids that we should visit, they did half moan!  ‘Oh god, that’s

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Simple Living // Modern Rustic trend with Denby…

It’s no secret that I have a love for the Modern Rustic trend. No overly styled, everything from one shop, keeping up with the latest fashion trend (pineapples!?) for me – no! I prefer interiors that have a soul. Let me explain. Modern Rustic is a pared-back look where natural woods mix with textured linens, chalky handmade ceramics and tarnished metals. It is a look that pairs old with new, rough with smooth and natural and the man made. It’s

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Seasonal Rituals // Summer circus adventures with Giffords Circus…

Ever dreamt of running away with the circus? Have a yearning for acrobatics and clowning around?  Well, why not try an afternoon at Giffords Circus, before you commit to a life on the road? Last Friday, we visited the travelling circus, as it stopped in Marlborough.  The tent was filled to capacity with a mix of children, parents and grandparents.  It was immediately obvious to me that some parents had finished work early, and were joining the rest of the family at the

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Simple Style // Late Summer adventures with Seasalt…

(This post is written in partnership with Seasalt Cornwall). I’m ‘almost’ at a point of autumn ready.  Ready for winter boots, thick tights and rain macs. Almost. There is something so wonderful about pulling on a pair of sturdy ankle boots that makes me feel I can conquer the world.  Don’t you agree? This year’s ankle boots are courtesy of Seasalt Cornwall. A navy blue pair called ‘Rosie’ in the wonderful colour named ‘Fathom’.  Navy blue with a hint of

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