Littlegreenshed was started back in 2010, when we took on an allotment near our home in Bristol. Dreaming of living the ‘Good Life’ with our two small boys. But the blog soon grew into a passion for all things lifestyle, and our story has developed into the blog it is today.

Littlegreenshed is a wonderful mix of family life, travel, epic adventures, styling, interiors, photography, food, independent shops, crafts people and everything in between…

A little about Lou

My childhood was spent in the wilds of the Somerset countryside, riding horses and learning a lot about nature with the help of my mother.  As a young girl, Lou, had a passion for the outdoors, for flowers, gardening and adventure.  After leaving school she fell into many dull jobs, never really fulfilling her need for a free spirited life .  So she grabbed her rucksack and set forth on life changing mission to travel the world.

Five years she travelled, all over the world and meet many wonderful people and saw some incredible places. Upon returning she knew that she could never work in a ‘conventional’ job again, and so, after meeting Dan and making a family, she set to writing this blog.

A little about Dan

Please note that although this blog started back in March 2010, we recently took the decision to make the early years PRIVATE.  They contain many images of our children growing up, and now this blog is bigger than we expected back then, we don’t want their faces to be shown across the world.