Travel | Bedruthan Hotel & Spa, Cornwall…

Fancy a hour long retreat in a beautiful garden in Cornwall?  Well, the Sensory Spa Garden at the Bedruthan Hotel & Spa is just what you need.  Last weekend, Dan and I were treated to a blissful morning, indulging in body scrubs, a sauna and hot tub in the sunshine.

Bedruthan Hotel has been on my radar for a while now, as I’ve know school friends who have taken a break there with their family.  A hotel that is totally geared up for young kids as well as teens, it’s a chance for the whole family to relax and soak in that beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Mid summer …..

This weekend we travelled to Cornwall to celebrate my birthday. Being a Cancerian, I love being by the sea, the light, the sound and of course swimming in the ocean. Food for the soul, right?  Last Saturday evening, we walked along the coastal path, and found a gorgeous wheat field, with magnificent views across the

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Beauty | Summer skin care – July…

This summer I’m looking to boost my skins GLOW. Drinking lots of water, eating my greens and exercising – all help to maintain a healthy complexion.  But I’m also wanting soft, glowing skin.  A golden shine.  I’m not one to sit in the sun, baking, for hours… preferring to get a light tan and add

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Two free Lightroom Mobile presets…

I’ve been asked many many times if I would develop a set of presets for Lightroom.  Just a simple set, to help you achieve the style of my photography.  I love bright whites, highlights and shadows.  Not one for overly filtered images nor do I like split toning.  I prefer simple shots, that show the

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Books | Cook books I love…

I’m one of those people who loves a good cook book.  I love to read them, get excited about ingredients and imagine eating and sharing the dishes.  I never thought I was a ‘foodie’, not one to make sure I’ve got the fridge stocked with dishes I’ve made over the weekend nor am I the

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Travel | Lords of the Manor Hotel in the Cotswolds…

This weekend we visited the Cotswolds with an overnight stay at Lords of the Manor Hotel in the pretty village of Upper Slaughter.  A typically stunning Cotswold village, with honey coloured houses with roses around the front door, even a ford in the village.  I could imagine a film being set there, it is so picturesque.

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Interiors | Biophilic Design with Habitat [ad]…

Those of you who have been reading this blog for years, may very well remember my series called ‘Nature in the Home’.  It was all about creating a home which complimented inside and outside.  Bringing in items of nature such as branches, seeds, fir cones, flowers etc inside and using them within an interiors setting.

Little did I know back then, that there is an actual name for it – Biophilic Design.

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