Sisterhood // A celebration of Flowers…

Spring has sprung!  And all the hedgerows, parks and gardens are full of blooms.  I love this time of year, the earth is laughing in flowers.

Flowers and Sisterhood go hand in hand. We have a huge love of flowers, and use them not only in workshops but in the styling and decoration of events.  After all a supper table without flowers would feel naked wouldn’t it?

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Weekend Collected // A spring walk with Fjallraven…

fjallraven backpack littlegreenshed blog April 2017 Well April, you have been pretty glorious so far.  Thank you for your bright sunshine, and cool breeze.  This weekend was full of adventure and breathing out.  Whilst Rufus was off on a cubs activity day, the rest of us headed to our secret spot, just outside of Bristol to enjoy the sun.

Our favourite place is in a small wooded valley, with bubbling stream running through it. One side is a pine forest plantation and the other native trees with a carpet of wild garlic, bluebells and wood anenomies.

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Seasonal Rituals // replenishing the herb garden…

Spring!  Time to get out in the garden and feel the earth between your fingers.  My plants are starting to stir, and buds are already opening.  Tulips and daffodils are reaching for the sunshine, and everything is so green.

One thing I do need to do is replenish my herb garden.  I can never over-winter my herbs, I think my small back yard just doesn’t get enough sunlight during the winter to keep them alive.  So one of the first things I do in Spring is to buy some new herb plants to see me through til late Autumn.

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Simple Living // side return kitchen…

velux windows side return

When Dan and I moved into the house we live in now, it was a complete wreck, the previous owners loved purple, swirly carpet and artex ceilings – yep it was a ‘changing rooms’ disaster zone.  It was ugly, with a capital U.

We moved in when I was heavily pregnant with Charlie, and was/am extremely grateful to the help our families gave us.  From plumbing in a new bathroom, to stripping the walls of ugly paint and paper. We slowly began to gut this little Victorian Terrace, starting with the bathroom, lounge and bedroom. Add the to chaos of building work, 5 weeks later I gave birth to Charlie.

Work stopped.

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Travel // A city break to Manchester…

city break manchesterA City break is possibly one the of the quickest ways to recharge your batteries.  A chance to explore another part of the country and indulge yourself in culture and food.  The UK is a wonderland of enchanting cities, sprawling countryside, and cobbled roads. Although sunshine and blue skies are never guaranteed, it is impossible not to fall in love with our country’s many charms, and for those searching for a city break, you needn’t go far from home.

One of the Cities that is high on my ‘must visit’ list is Manchester.

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Sisterhood // Spring workshop May…

So we are officially in SPRING!  It may be still blooming cold, and chucking it down with rain – but hey, at least Winter is behind us.  Time to look forward to the warmer months.

And so, as Tolstoys quote says, now is the time to plan for things to do in the upcoming months – so if you fancy celebrating Spring and all it’s floral bounty, then I have something you might be interested in…

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