Travel | Bristol Guide and google map…

I call Bristol home. I’ve lived in or around Bristol since I was 11. My parents moved us from Somerset to a village 5 miles outside of the City, so I could go to a good secondary school.  For me, Bristol back then was a place to visit on a Saturday to hang out in

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Interiors | Bathroom re-model…

We moved into our home 13 years ago.  All bright eyed, heavily pregnant and full of excitement about the future.  This was our first owned home, we had rented for several years in various places, and were so excited about the prospect of making a house a home.  So excited in fact, that we bought

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Style | Boilersuits aren’t just for plumbers…

this post contains affiliate links When I was a kid, my Dad used to work for British Gas, installing and repairing boilers.  He wore a royal blue boilersuit to work every day. Covered in paint and plaster from decorating the house, he would heave this heavy piece of utility clothing on over his jeans and

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Colour crush | Rust & Green….

Rust and green are the colours of the season… I seem to see them everywhere at the moment. From interiors to beauty and fashion.

My Instagram account has even taken on these colours. After visiting Amsterdam the other week, my feed has come over all green leaves and rusted brick tones.  I love it!

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Travel | Amsterdam City Guide…

Our trip to Amsterdam was utterly wonderful.  I’ve properly fallen in love with Amsterdam, the architecture, the cycling culture, the cool cafes and shops.  It’s bloody gorgeous!  When can I move there?

If you are interested in seeing what we got up to and where we visited, then read on…

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Travel | Clevedon Pier….

Back when the weather was unseasonably glorious, Dan and I headed for a spontaneous trip to the seaside. Our local coast is the pretty seaside town of Clevedon.  Full of Victorian seaside charm, with it’s pebble beach, ice cream coloured seafront and of course it’s famous pier.

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