Photography – Which camera should I invest in?

I often get asked about cameras. Do I have a all singing all dancing DSLR which costs £2k with enormous lenses to capture the light.

The answer is NO.

I must admit, I did start off with a Nikon D70, found second hand on eBay, this camera was my first adventures into photography.  I captured my young boys daily, taking pictures at home or days out.  The photography which that camera produced was the foundations of me falling in love photography.

But, the camera was old, heavy and bulky, that with the added size and weight of the lens, meant carrying it around daily my shoulders began to suffer.  After one agonising trip to the park, my shoulders could take no more.

After years working with D70, it was time I upgraded to a newer, lighter camera. Enter the Nikon D3200 it made sense to me to get another Nikon, which I could use the lenses I already had.  This camera is beautiful, lighter and great for all types of imagery.  But – it was still big and bulky.

A few years ago, my workload increased and I was regularly being asked to travel abroad with brands, one minute in Austria, the next Costa Rica. I found that going through airport security with an expensive heavy camera was too much for me.  It was time to rethink.



An epiphany really.  What was I using the camera for?  I wasn’t aiming to be a photographer, shooting for magazines or editorials.  I was taking images for my blog and instagram.  So in fact, I didn’t need a massive, expensive DSLR for that.

In fact, there is that famous quote who I think is by Annie Leibovitz “The best camera for the job, is the one you have on you”.  And in some respect it is true.

I just wanted to take great images, that captured what I saw, that allowed me to edit them in a way that I could create the look I needed.  I wasn’t being paid for images to cover a spread in Vogue or appear in an exhibition.  I just needed a camera was light, easy to use and produced great images.  A bit of a work horse of a camera.

So after looking around I discovered the four thirds cameras, and after trying out several makes in the photography department of John Lewis, I finally chose the Olympus OMD mark 2.  I swiftly fell in love.



Why this camera, I hear you ask! – Believe me, it’s bloody ace.  Here are the reasons I fell in love:

  • Light weight – at 417g for the body only, I can wear it around my neck easily without it hurting.
  • Cool vintage design – yes I’m shallow!  But it looks so cool!
  • Lenses – many many lenses for all your photography needs.
  • Built in wifi – so I can edit my images on my phone.
  • It looks cool – ha!
  • It shoots in both Jpeg and RAW
  • It’s intuitive to use, I haven’t read the manual – the menu, buttons and display are simple for me to understand
  • It can easily be customised – allowing me to choose the style and focus of my images.
  • Touch screen display, press the screen to change the focus, to take a shot and more.
  • Tilt display screen so I can take an overhead shot and see what I am doing.
  • It fits my small hands.
  • It’s discrete, making it perfect for street style photography.
  • It’s bloody easy to use.


I know I bang on about my camera here in this post, but I do love it so.  You may decide that a Canon 6D is the camera for you – if you are into food photography or portraiture – then go for it.

What I am suggesting is, you don’t need a massive clunky camera to make money.  If you are wanting to write a blog or monetise your IG, then a small mirrorless camera might be best for you.

Again it’s preference.


Olympus currently have some amazing deals at the moment.  FYI.

Buy an OM-D E-M10 Mark III today and claim a free 45mm F1.8 lens worth £279.99!  – I have this lens, and it’s amazing for getting that smooshy blurred background look.

This stylish, high-power combination is ideal for capturing eye-catching portrait shots with nice background blur and vivid contrast, thanks to the lens’ fast aperture. With extremely fast focusing capabilities you can also shoot top-quality videos as well as stills. 

disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links – which I may obtain a small amount of commission on each sale.