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Garden makeover with B&Q – update…

So it’s been nearly a month since we have started on project #lgsgardenmakeover.  What has happened?  So since my first post back in February not much – but also quite a bit, if that makes sense? Looking at the space, it doesn’t look like we’ve achieved anything, but it has taken us weeks to clear

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Super Shed! – garden makeover with B&Q…

I know, I have been harping on about our garden makeover for probably a year now.  So I just wanted to let you know that work has finally begun!  YAY!  Although not really YAY as it is back breaking work!  Dan is broken, and we haven’t really started. Let me rewind a little.  Our garden,

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B&Q’s new lifestyle book…

A few months ago I was approached by B&Q to give my ‘expert’ opinion on their new neutral range.  Giving a privileged pass to view the styled sets on a private Pinterest board. Such was my excitement, I spent a good few hours there! The new B&Q book ‘Enjoy’ features regular everyday building products, styled

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