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a mid winter stroll upon the prom..

Yesterday afternoon the sun shone brightly and the wind blew strongly, perfect for blowing away the cobwebs and working off the excesses of Christmas.
We took a trip out to Clevedon to stroll along the prom, the last time we were there the weather was more to my liking, but none the less the boys made a beeline to the beach to play their favourite game, splatalob.

Splatalob is basically.... collecting as many pebbles as you can hold, then when standing on a certain spot on the wall and throw the pebbles into the fresh wobbly mud. The mud does make a satisfying squelch and a blancmange style wobble as the pebble hits it.  I found myself shrieking with laughter as we all threw large pebbles in.
Ah simple pleasures eh?

Today was supposed to be an allotment day, I still haven't planted my Garlic yet!!
But it looks like rain, so cosying up on the sofa in front of the fire seems like a better option.


Christmas 2011... time spent with family, eating the best of food, cuddling on the sofa, laughing, drinking, opening presents, believing in the big man & seeing the magic, getting gifts we wished for, watching the Gruffallo's Child, twinkling lights, fireworks in the garden, sparklers, drinking champers, seeing my children's joy and wonder, watching the Boxing Day tradition of Morris Dancers at the pub, feeling oh so full, feeling oh so blessed to have such great, kind and loving people in my life.

magical christmas eve..

Merry Christmas lovely people!
How was your day, super great I hope.
Just a quick pop by to say hi and some photo's of Christmas Eve.
On Christmas Eve we drove to my folks for Christmas, and visited the village church for the crib service. The whole village, it seemed, filled the pews for the story of the nativity.  The church was lit with many candles, lighting the stained glass windows.
Children from the village were dressed up as donkey, the Inn Keeper, Mary, Joseph and Angels.
As the Vicar read the story of the nativity she invited the children up and join her around the crib... which Charlie eagerly did, he was the Inn Keeper and a Wise Man.  Rufus was a donkey.
We sang Silent Night, I looked over at my children, and felt the lump in my throat. I couldn't sing, it was so touchingly beautiful seeing them sing this gorgeous carol.
After the service, we wandered home through the village looking in at Christmas in other people's homes, the lights were so beautiful.
I love Christmas Eve, more than the big day!
Off for a mince pie, looking forward to seeing all your Christmas stories!

and I'll toast our bright eyes..

Kinfolk Volume Two from Kinfolk on Vimeo.

This weekend be sure to hug your love ones tight, drink deep from your cup...breathe the night air.
Merry Christmas lovely people... thank you for joining me on my blogging journey.
Your kind comments and inspiration make me happy beyond words.
Have a wonderful colourful Christmas.
See you very soon.
Big Hugs

winter solstice....

Happy Winter Solstice!
We are at the half way point of the year once again.  The darkness of the night rules over the day.
We spent this afternoon making lanterns to light the dark night and to welcome the return of the sun from tomorrow.
The boys glued little strips of coloured tissue paper to empty jam jars and then decorated them with jewels.
Once lit with tea lights they are the most beautiful candle I have ever seen.

Solstice was celebrated at sunrise this morning at Stonehenge in Wiltshire, something I have always wanted to go to.  I have been several times to mid summer solstice at Stonehenge, but never during the winter celebrations... it looked incredible in the pictures.

Christmas is sooo close, you can practically touch it!
Don't forget to light a candle tonight...
Happy Solstice.

my lounge - in it's Christmas party dress

Ta Dah!
My room is finished (almost, skirtings need painting, but that can wait til the New Year!)
I am so very pleased with the finished result.
The log burner is totally awesome, we have it on every night, even though it's not actually that cold at the moment.  The room seems alive when the fire is on... it's just a pleasure to be sat by it.
I still have lots of pictures to put up, that's why many are propped up all over the place.
The Smile print is by my mate Kerry  - a lovely Christmas surprise! I love her and it ;-) Thanks hun.
I am also halfway through making one of these, which will go on the chimney breast once finished.  I've run out of felt balls.... so a trip to the craft shop tomorrow should sort it out.
I am so delighted with the finished result... although the Rob Ryan bunting looks a little OTT... but who cares, right?

playing around with the tree & camera...

Okay so you know how it is.
Late night, too much sloe gin.
Loving the warmth of the twinkling lights on the tree.
Sooooo I decided to spend an hour working out how to do Bokeh with the lights... so after much giggling and using silly props and faffing around with the fstop.
I finally managed it... looks cosy and slightly magical, don't you think?
Here are some outtakes!:

Have a go with your tree... hours of wasted fun!!

meeting Father Christmas...

Today in this glorious sunshine, we visited the man in Red to give him our Christmas wishes.
Tyntesfield Estate never looked more wonderful, traditional & magical.
We waited in the small courtyard below the estates chapel, the sunlight glinting off the stained glass windows.
Once inside we were shown the toy packing room, and the feeding area for the reindeer's.  Rudolf had a carrot, a brussel sprout and 6 cherry tomatoes to keep nose rosy red.
After this we carried on through into the kitchen and met Mrs Christmas. The boys helped her to stir her Christmas pudding and we all got to smell the spicy mulled wine.

Rufus whispered to me 'Mummy, where is the baby?'
I asked 'What baby?'
He replied 'Baby Jesus'
Then he realised... 'Oh, baby Jesus and Father Christmas aren't the same thing!'.
He is so sweet.

Finally after much anticipation we went through into the main hall of Tyntesfield to meet Father Christmas.  The Great Hall has a grand staircase, with a large carved stone fireplace, with old oil paintings covering the walls.  A dramatic home to meet Santa.
Charlie never one to be shy, spoke on behalf of both boys. And typically he told Santa that he wanted something he hasn't even mentioned to us before - HexBugs ???
Father Christmas knew exactly what they were and they had a chat about the tracks and how they vibrate. (I hope he brings him one, or I will have to dash out and get one!).
Afterwards we wandered through the estate, to the play area, boys playing with their juggling balls and wooden flute.
I love the National Trust, such a magical way to meet the man in Red.