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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year my lovely friends!
Yes, this is THE year for us ALL - I can really feel it.
Full of magic, inspiration, new loves, new friendships, great collaborations.
Life is most definitely for living... to enjoy all and every part of it.
Even on the darkest days, lightness can be found... trust me.
Have a wonderful celebration this evening... hugs your loved ones tightly.
See you next year.

2012 - looking back


My year in pictures.

1. Wassail at The Ethicurean
2. Charlie becoming a Beaver
3. Archers in the woods
4. Stonehenge
5. Blossom
6. The Olympic Torch
7. Sennen Beach
8. Giffords Circus
9. Hill rolling at Tyntesfield
10. Rufus' 5th party
11. Frosty mornings
12. My Kings!

Happy 2012 - here's to a happier 2013!

merry christmas dear friends...

Wishing you all the most wonderful of Christmasses!
I am signing off now until sometime later...
To spend much needed time with my family, to play board games, build Lego creations, eat, drink, laugh and love much.
I am sure you are all looking forward to doing the very same.
Have a wonderful, wonderful holiday.
And thank you so much for your kind words and support you have given me, this blog and my work.. I am hugely grateful.
Off to wrap some more gifts.

planning on what to do..

I've been looking back at last years decorations.
Thinking of where things will go and what I need to get.
These images above are from last year.
As you can see - my home last year was handmade decorations and full on colour!
This time last year we had just re-decorated the lounge after having the log burner installed - ah best thing ever!
This year I am thinking of paler hues of white, grey and a bit of gold shimmer.
We will see - I know I don't have long at all.
But I could still pull it off!
I can't wait
More of our Christmas past can be found over here.
Have a lovely weekend!

p.s Happy Birthday my love! Enjoy your Christmas works do.  (on his birthday, hahah!)

Nature in the Home - the Christmas Collection...

Image via here
Today's Christmas collection is from the lovely blog La Maison d anna g.
Her advent candles have been simply styled with white washed fir cones.
We have plenty of these around the home - my boys love to collect them throughout the year.  I love the way the candles and the cones are nestled in a star shaped cake tin.
Simple and effective.

House Love...

This home is lovely!
The art work alone is just incredible, the floor!  (will I ever tire of my love for herringbone parquet?  I think not).
Pops of colour in a white home... just dreamy to me.
Do you like it?
More of this home and others over here.

choosing our Christmas Tree... at the farm

My favourite part of Christmas is choosing our tree.  We have been going to a small farm, close to my parents home for the past 10 years.  Each time Dan and I reminisce on past years.  Of us as a new couple chopping down our first tree when we moved in together, to coming when I was pregnant, the following year coming with Charlie nearly one and then the year after with baby Rufus - and the many years after as a family  til we reach here and now.

I LOVE this holiday ritual... it is and always will be my favourite Christmas thing to do.

Sadly this will be the last year of this family tradition... the farm owner is stopping selling trees after this year. He is an old guy and it's getting too much for him.

We shall have to find somewhere new.

See our past Christmas tree expeditions over here (2010) and here (2011).

Welcome Sponsor - Orla Kiely for Uniqlo

Hi there!
I'd just like to introduce my latest sponsor.  Uniqlo.
I am loving the latest designer range by Orla Kiely.  Her clothes, like her homewares, are gorgeous!  This new range at Uniqlo has all the Orla Kiely design but at an affordable price, perfect for my pocket!
This past season we have seen lovely tunics and dresses.  But recently Uniqlo has launched HEATTECH which feature Orla's iconic prints.

I cannot stand being cold.  Especially on the school run. I want to pick up my boys with a smile, rather be gloomy and freezing.  This where I think thermal's are a must.  And if I can buy stylish thermals, ALL the better!

Uniqlo has for a limited time 10% off all Orla Kiely Heattech products.  I am going to get this one!

Head on over to shop, by clicking on the badge in the sidebar.


Tomorrow is the start of advent - hurrah!
For my two boys it couldn't come sooner.  The count down of days until Christmas Day.   Rufus started asking me in mid-November, 'how many days now Mummy?'  And who can blame him?  It's exciting, no?

This year I decided to make my own advent calendar - little packages of excitement to open every morning.  I've had so much fun doing it, thinking of cheap and different things for each day.

Here's how I did it:

First I thought up what would come on each day... on some days there is a definite activity/surprise happening. So I wrapped up something that would signify it.

My list is as follows:

1. Something to read (new small book)
2 Chocolate Coin
3. Tattoo
4. Chocolate Coin
5. Dinosaur glider
6. Lion & Wolf (going to Longleat to see Father Christmas and the Animals)
7. Picture of a Cat & a Fiddle (going to the Theatre to see Hey Diddle Diddle)
8. Chocolate Coin
9. Christmas Cards (the boys can write them to their friends at school)
10. Tattoo
11. Chocolate Coin
12. Lego Mini Figure
13. Lego Tree (choosing and cutting down our Christmas Tree)
14. Lego Mini Figure
15. A sheet of tracing paper (to make snowflakes for the window)
16. Train tickets (going to Bath on the train with Grandparents to the Panto)
17. A bauble to go on the tree
18. Popcorn (watch the Polar Express)
19. Badge
20: Tea Light (to make Solstice Lanterns)
21. Marshmallow (Hot chocolate after school in a cafe - end of term!)
22. Addressed envelope to the North Pole (write a letter to the big man)
23. Star shaped cutter (to make biscuits)
24. A jewel (to make a crown for Nativity at the church)

So.. as you can see lots of trips and activities.  Of course there is chocolate and chocolate coins are sooo Christmas aren't they?  And Lego - there HAS to be Lego in this house.  I have had so much fun - I love this time of year.

I used a mix of brown paper and red & white striped paper from Ikea.  Tied them to a Silver Birch branch with bakers twine and hung it from our fireplace.  (The branch we found in the park, blown down in the recent storms).

You will notice not all the days are up there, I didn't want it to seem too cluttered, so I will be adding to it as the weeks go by.

I love the finished result.
Hope you can have a go too.

Nature in the home - a series...

This weeks Nature in the Home is the start of my Christmas collection.
Only 4 weeks til the big day and I am starting to think about decorations and bringing greenery into my little space.
Little is the word.  My home is tiny, so whatever I can squeeze in has to do the job without over powering everything else.  I still need to get into the kitchen without having a HUGE tree blocking the way! (a much heated debate in our home!).
I love this simple idea, above.  A gorgeous vintage Christmas cake tin, with a branch from the Christmas tree.  Moss and walnuts for decoration.  And to complete the look, one simple candle.
(Christmas pig?)

Christmas Giveaway...

Hi there!  Yes lovely people, it is almost that time... Christmas is nearly upon us.
Another year is nearly over too.. and what a year it has been.
Littlegreenshed has grown so much and I am hugely grateful to the love and support that this wonderful world of blogging has given me... thank you, you are most loved!
During these past few years I have 'met' so many inspiring and creative people.  These wonderful people have supported and encouraged me during my first tentative footsteps in launching my shop.  They know who they are!

So... as a thanks to you and them, I am so happy to bring you this little festive giveaway.
I have asked some of my incredibly creative friends to contribute - and what a giveaway it has become!  I am soooo excited!

One winner will win the following:

1. Flora of Through the Round Window has generously donated the following:  The Angel stained glass decoration.  Flora is also throwing in a Chevron Leaf tote, a Chevron Leaf mug and a few of her cards too.

2.  Amy of Robin and Mould has kindly donated one of her Fox Cushions.

3.  Francesca of Mrs Eliot Books has offered the winner a choice of any of her A4 or A3 prints from her shop.

4.  Cable and Cotton are kindly giving away a set of their Glow lights - perfect for the Christmas season.

5  Laetitia of Mamzelle Titoo has donated a Lord Cloud & Lady Sweet plate.

6.  Me!  I would like to give away the winner any A4 or A3 print of their choice, from my shop.

7.  Charmaine of Little Nest Box has kindly donated a Happy Day Garland - happiness in every flag!

8. Nell of On the First Day of Marriage is generously giving the winner a Pink Hair Bow from her shop Happy Circus.

9. Kerry of The SeventyTree is also kindly giving the winner a choice of A4 or A3 print from her shop.

10.  Melanie of Melanie Wickham Lino Prints is kindly donating a Tea Towel of your choice from her shop.

Soo ALL of these wonderful gorgeous items are for ONE winner.  Yep of YOU could win the whole lot.  

To enter please fill in the following form... giveaway ends on Saturday 1st December at 8.00am GMT.  Offer is open to Worldwide!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you to my lovely friends for kindly donating these items, I am muchly grateful!  You all rock! xxx

Good Luck guys!

cable and cotton giveaway winner...

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
I am just popping in to announce the winner of the Cable and Cotton giveaway.

The Winner is Carolyn Carter!

Well done Carolyn!

Cable and Cotton are kindly offering all Littlegreenshed readers free Postage and Packaging by using the following code at the checkout:


So... what are you waiting for?  Go get some pretty lights for Christmas!

I have another giveaway coming up in a couple of weeks time... it is going to knock your socks off!  Think, all your Christmas' coming at once!


on my table...

I love that little squash - sadly his days are numbered. Only 3 more days til Halloween when he will be carved into all his spooky glory and then devoured in a roasted vegetable soup!
The leaves in the bottle are from our conker trip, we love to collect the pretty colours, but once home I struggle to know what to do with them.  They soon crisp up and turn brown.  Ah well it's an excuse to find more.  I will try to make this beautiful garland one day - I just can't seem to find the time at the moment!
How do you bring the changes of the season into your home?


It's the first of September.  How time has flown this past year.  As much as it saddens me that summer is fading, I can't help but smile as Autumn is coming on... I do love this time of year.  

The other evening it was dark and gloomy. I lit candles around the home and loved the warming glow.  

This time of year for me is the best.  I think I am a squirrel at heart.  I love to busy myself in the kitchen making jams and chutneys. Storing pumpkins and squashes high on shelves, waiting to be cut open in the depths of winter and turned into delicious soups and curries.

Dan has started to fill the log pile, ready to fire up the burner on cold winter's nights, he really does enjoy foraging for logs and wielding his axe in the back garden.  He too loves the preparation that this season brings.  I am looking through my recipe books for inspiration and pinning delicious winter warming dishes on to my pinterest board

Preparation.  This to me sums up how I feel about autumn. Becoming prepared for the winter months. Making sure we have the fundamentals, food and warmth that will make the winter months so much easier and more enjoyable.  I say food, I mean home made Sloe Gin in front of the fire! ;-)

I know I don't live in the wilds or mountains and are fairly comfortable in my city home.  But there is something so ingrained in us, something that harks back to days of old, where these simple acts of preparation would save our lives in the darkest months ahead.  

I relish in the change of the season, bringing in acorns and conkers for the boys nature table. Crunching leaves in my wellies and breathing in the damp earthy smell of the woods.  Yes Autumn is the best... I cannot wait.

p.s. If you look over to the right you can see my September Loves List is there... go see some beautiful things I've discovered.

p.p.s I am open for September Sponsorship too!

Roll up roll up, prepare to be amazed...

Yesterday in glorious August weather we drove northwards to Gloucestershire... searching for a big top.
We were in for an exciting time, we had tickets for Giffords Circus.

I have known of Giffords for many years but up until now have never been.  I had always thought the boys just weren't old enough to fully be wowed with it.  Yesterday was the time.

Driving through Minchinmapton with its butter coloured cottages festooned with bunting we knew we were stumbling upon something altogether magical. Rounding the corner onto the common we were greeted by the sight of burgundy coloured vans and trailers of the circus and pure white big top.  Organ music was playing and air of anticipation was around.  It was was such a perfect summers evening on Minchinhampton Common. The sunlight casting long shadows, the bell ringing from the church nearby.

We treated ourselves to a Winstonsices ice cream each and entered the tent.  Once inside we took our seats around a small saw dust covered ring. During the 2 hour performance we clapped, cheered, laughed, gasped, booed, ooo'd and aaah'd - we were treated to juggling, acrobatics, tight rope walking, horses, geese, birds, clever dogs, tap dancing and the funniest clowns.

I won't go into much detail of the individual acts as it will spoilt it for you when you go!  And you really MUST go! Giffords Circus is a national treasure, something you have to experience in your lifetime and is most definitely part of an English Summer.

What I will say is our favourites as a family... Rufus - Goose, Charlie - Tweedy, Dan - Juggling, Me - Bird Lady.

Giffords Circus runs until September 16th at locations throughout Gloucestershire. For more information please check out their website or call the box office on 0845 4597469.