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My boy turned 7 today.
7 years of being a parent, a mama to this wonderful, thoughtful, kind and sensitive soul.
He asked for a climbing party with his bestest friends.
Undercover Rock is such a cool place to experience rock climbing, inside an old church spire.
The boys walked in with mouths agap.  Led Zeppelin was blaring and the place was buzzing with adrenalin, jam packed with people climbing the rafters.  After a de-briefing they were led through the building to the training walls where they were soon helping each other to climb up to the roof.
After an hour or so of climbing they sat and wolfed down a party tea - finished off with a Ninja cake (decorated by Nana - thanks Mum!).



"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Charlie: Turned 7 today.  Loves Lego, life and learning.  My little big boy. Happy Birthday darling.
Rufus: Wrote a perfect sentence in school 'In the snow I will meke a snow lion' - and he did.  Sitting here so proud.

A whirlwind of a week, such contrast in these two images to last weeks, when it was full winter sunshine.  Since then we have had snow, and a 7th Birthday Party - Rock climbing.  Playing along with the 52 project.