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One small thing...

I was asked to take part in the Room for Improvement challenge by Money Supermarket.  The challenge was to add a small change to a room, with a limited budget.  It was suggested I do something that tied in my love of plants and Nature in the Home.  So here is how I did it...

* 4 meters of mustard yellow cord. I bought mine from B&Q quite cheaply.
* Pair of scissors
* Small pot plant - mine is from Ikea
* Small white plant pot - also from Ikea

1. Cut the cord into 4 equal lengths
2. Knot the four lengths together at one end (doesn't need to be really neat you can trim it later)
3. Take two lengths and knot at equal distances apart (so it sits on the pot at the same spot either side)
4. Continue to knot until your pot feels secure. (I held mine up to make sure it was even)
5. Knot securely at the top.
6. Place in your pot and plant.

Voila!  You've made your own macrame pot holder.  How on trend and super cool!  Now go and pin your hard work.

So do you think it has improved my lounge?  I do.

Dining Room


You might remember we are in the process of re-decorating our downstairs rooms after sanding our wooden floors.
Well, we've completed the dining room... and it feels wonderful.
The blue colour I chose is called Blue's Blue - from the Paint & Paper Library.  I must admit it is NOT the colour I had in my head.  I stupidly went to the Interiors shop with Rufus.  With instructions from Dan 'just get what you like'. Well that in it's self sent me into a spin. I couldn't make a decision! Rufus decided to pick up everything in the shop (think delicate ceramics) so after a quick flustered decision this is what I came away with.  It will grow on me I am sure.  I was looking for a more calming blue grey colour.. but instead have a dark opulent blue. Ah well, the Gladioli's look great against it.  As do my mid-century ceramics and sideboard.
What I am loving is the fresh white everywhere else.  Fresh white without crayon marks or grubby hand prints - I am loving this so hard as I am sure it won't last the week!
We (Dan) is taking a break from DIY for a bit... we have the kitchen to do next. It's a big job. Re-tiling, painting and filling.  Maybe I'll give him a week off! ;-) 

Vintage Wallpaper

Wallpapaper from funkywalls in Belgium.
We have been doing a little DIY at home this past week.  The stairs up to our attic bedroom for the past 3 years has been ripped wallpaper and bare wooden stairs.  We have recently stripped the wallpaper off to reveal unplastered walls!  The people before us who did the attic conversion didn't bother to plaster it. 

So, we have no clue how to do this, or the money to pay someone.  So we wallpapered it with thick lining paper to paint white this week.

The stars we will also paint white.

At the top of the stairs Dan has made a wardrobe under the eaves. At the moment the doors are untreated plywood.  Sooo here is my dilema.  With everything else white, I am thinking of wallpapering the wardrobe doors in original 1960's or 1970's wallpaper. 

I have been following this beautiful blog, smilerynker, and have fallen for her use of colour and pattern, it's a crazy mix, but looks so happy and fun.

Any help on what to choose?