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February is upon us.  It may well be the shortest month of all, but to me it is mentally the longest.  I always suffer with winter blues this time of year, no matter how hard I try to not let it.  I long desperately for warmth, summer, travel.  I cannot see sense in the world, every little detail becomes difficult and trying!

I know I am not alone.  Stupid SAD.  Dan has started an Instagram hastag called #beatfebruary.  The two of us are taking time together and individually to do things that make us happy.  Me, to seek and find colour, little details that make me smile.  Spring bulbs.  A coffee with a friend. A walk in the woods.  Dan, well that boy needs to fly around the woods on his bike, getting super muddy.

So, February I can either let you eat me up or make you my friend.


My February loves list is up there - on the right.


Day 29.
Something you are listening to.
Laura Marling.

So that was Feb photo a day completed. I missed out about 5 days... not bad really. It was a lot harder than I thought.
This is also the last of my grateful's for a while... I've done a month. I might add a few at the bottom every now and then. I hope you've like them.
1. Spring
2. Pink flowers in my window box
3.  blogging!

Leap year treasury... will you????

pattern & colour - Love you!

Happy Leap Year!
Nearly March eh?
A little pattern and colour today.... loving the kids tops by thelittlellama - might have to get a certain big cat lover that tank for this summer.
Me? I am after a new frock to wear to an Easter wedding. Any ideas?
Charlie made a paper frog at Beavers last night in celebration of today... it's great!
Have a great (boing boing) leaping day!

all about the bikes

We have had the most sunny and bright weekend!
Today we headed back up to the allotment again.
The boys spent the time riding their new bikes up and down the track.
Gosh these boys LOVE their bikes.
What's not to like.
Bright red, mountain bikes, super zippy AND gears (as Charlie likes to tell everyone he meets!).
This is Rufus' first leap up to pedal bikes after riding a balance bike for the past 2 years.
A transition which had little wobbles - he is off and riding, if only he remembers to use the brakes a bit more!
Islabikes are so cool even Daddy likes to have a sneaky go!
Thanks Grampa!


The sun has appeared.
We were treated to the most spring like of Saturdays, and it was blissful.
Charlie and I headed up to the plot to drink in the sun, be deafened by bird song and dig in the soil to our hearts content.
My boy raked a small part of the plot to a fine tilth ready for sowing seeds.
He worked so hard enjoying the time just being there.
I gave that piece of earth to him.
His small part of the allotment (the area with the best of soil and the most sunshine).
He sat there contently planning in his wildlife finder folder.
Eating bread sticks in the sunshine.
On his list....  a watermelon tree, flowers for decoration and a chicken house.
Happy days.


Day 25.
Green is mainly bright and emerald in our house. The colour of lego, Rex and neon green Octons.
1. saturday slow mornings
2. coffee made for me
3. yellow tulips from my love


Day 23
Your shoes.
My old and much loved cons.
Oh I love you so... never to let you go.
Even if you do smell, a bit!

today has been...

a foot stomping kind of day...
I love dancing with my son.
He LOVES these guys... air banjo's!
1. dancing
2. days at home with my boy
3. new clothes


Day 21
A favourite photo of me.
Well not exactly a favourite, but I do like it a lot.
Me, aged 1 - looking a lot like both my sons in different ways.
Don't you just love the wallpaper and the wooden floor!
My parents home in the 70's.


Day 20
A save the date card for a late summer wedding.
Exciting times.
1. A creative job
2. Jasmine Green Tea
3. Kiss to wake me up (by Ru)


Day 19
Something I hate to do.
Washing up.
We will get our dishwasher fixed one day!
1. Sunday roast cooked by mum
2. holding hands
3. fresh air


Day 18
Loose leaf green tea in my favourite cup.
The small things are my greatest pleasures!
1. Charlie's lovely friends
2. Green Tea from here
3. My son singing


Day 17.
My green Casio watch.
I love it's neon green colour and retro appeal.
Dan bought for my birthday last summer.
I wear it every day.
1. warmth of spring sunshine
2. purple & yellow crocus'
3. Dan having time off work.

den building week

Apparently half term week is Den Building week according to these lovely ladies and cool mama's! (Emma & Cathy).
Of course we had to join in.
It's Thursday, the sun has gone in this afternoon and their is a nip in the air.
After being to the park with friends this morning and had a huge run around in the sunshine...we headed home to some lego building in the den.
I used our small 1950's formica kitchen table.
A hippy throw I bought whilst travelling in Thailand.
A crochet blanket that Grandma made for Charlie as a baby.
The Ikea Cot duvet from Charlie's cot as a baby - which Rufus now has on his bed as an extra blanket.
A couple of big floor cushions.
A broom handle.
And of course fairy lights.
Let the swallows and amazons adventure begin.
If you want join in ...pop on over to either Cathy's or Emma's blog for the lowdown.


Day 16.
Something New.
Well it's actually very old, but new to us.
I found this old Tri-ang bike in the local thrift shop.
It's so 70's tastic!
I love the red, orange & yellow graphics and of course the white tyres!
Rufus will look quite the dude on this number.
Long hair a flowing in the wind.
(happy birthday to my dad too!)
1. thrift shop fairy!
2. fresh warm bread
3. crocus'


Last Tuesday, Charlie was invested into his local Beaver Colony.
He is now a squirrel.
And proud he is too in his uniform.
He will hopefully learn lots of interesting new skills.
I will be sewing on lots of badges to his sweatshirt from now on!
He loves going to Beavers, hanging out with boys from other school's and most are older than him too.
Their favourite thing to do is run around the room really fast and skid on their knees.
Boys eh?!
1. Great local theatre's
2. Cool city to live in
3. ice pops in the freezer


Day 14
Happy Valentine's everyone.
Big smooches.
1. loving grandparents
2. happy children
3. my boy!


Day 13.
The skies in winter are the best.
Amazing cobalt blue skies (when the sun shines).
Incredible sunsets too.
Blue - my very favourite blue.
1. breakfast made for me
2. my favourite top - clean
3. kiss from my boy


Day 12.
Inside my closet.
I've cheated.
I chose to show my favourite vintage summer dress.
I love it.
I haven't been able to wear it for years, not shifted the baby weight.
I used to be tiny when I first met Dan.
I don't think I will ever be that size again, but I love this dress too much to part with it.
Reminds me of long hot summers, floating around festivals, drinking cider, smoking rollies and dancing carefree!
Ah.... those were the days.
1. daffodils
2. sunshine
3. homemade marmalade


Day 11.
What makes you happy.
Cuddles with my kids.
Holding hands.
Sunshine on a cold day.
New shoes.
But at the moment and the thing that trumps the lot is - CLEAN SHEETS!
Oh yes, cannot wait to go to bed.
1. clean sheets
2. Dan
3. new moisturiser