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Today we are back to a 'normal' routine.  The boys returned to school, Dan to work, and I? Well I tried not to fall asleep on the sofa (ahem!).

January is a time for taking life easy, moving slowly through the days, ensuring we are all well fed, eating foods that will sustain us and give us the best nutrients, sleeping enough and not getting illnesses.

Today I started my two weeks of detox, starting to Nourish my body with good foods.  Plenty of leafy green vegetables, proteins, herbal teas and lots of water.  The process in theory is easy, filling my body with goodness which will in turn make me feel great, loose some weight and feel fit and strong.  But today, Day 1, I am having constant sugar cravings, and have a headache from lack of caffeine, and all I want to do is make Marmite on Toast - I am sure I will get over it!

I am going to look forward and enjoy this process, relish the time to think about myself, recipes to try, vegetables to buy in the green grocers, and walks in the park.  I am hoping to find a yoga class, to stretch some and breathe deep.  Or just to have a little afternoon nap.

I am going to spend the next few days not getting worked up over the school run, start some exciting design projects and dream about summer.

Happy January.....

Total white out...



This morning our wishes were answered.
Bristol was covered in a thick blanket of crisp white snow.  The kinda snow that crunches under foot, makes great snowmen, snow that you want to roll around in!  Yes, we did it all.

Once we heard school was closed for the day, we quickly threw on every warm layer we had ready for an Arctic adventure.  Finally, when we had wrestled our boots on over too many pairs of socks, Dan and I pulled the boys on their sledges to the local park.  Snow was so thick we could sledge the entire way there, down the paths, through the snow covered streets, across roads - all around us we saw other families trudging to the park with the obligatory red plastic sledge in tow.

The excitement was contagious.

There were flung ourselves down short, steep slopes, built snow castles and a snow Aslan.  Played angels in the snow and had a wild time with friends.

Soon fingers turned blue so off to the local cafe for hot chocolate and hot chips.
A perfect morning.

so what shall I do?

So here it is... 1.1.13
I feel fresh and ready to go!
Today here in Bristol the sun has shone so brightly after weeks of torrential rain.
It is a blessing right?
It must mean something ... golden rays to mark the start of this year.
So what should I be doing this year?
Well last year for me was pretty marvellous (from a blog/work point of view).
So I feel 2013 should be pretty much the same... onwards and upwards.
So here goes:

* I am going to spend the next month, drawing, trying new styles, conjuring up new and exciting designs.  I feel a new direction is coming... watch this space.
* New collaborations and projects - a little hush, hush at the moment, but when I can spill the beans it is going to be super exciting.
* I would love to develop my photography, start making short films.
* Go on many more mini adventures with my boys and alone - to the mountains and wilderness to breathe and relax.
* Have wild weekends / day trips with my friends, visiting art galleries, marvelling at architecture and taking lots of photographs!
* Travel more.
* Learn a new skill - the banjo? (hmm a long shot, but putting it up here I might just try!)
* Eat well - learn to cook good wholefood.  Live simply.
* Finally finish my home... it's getting there, slowly, slowly. De-clutter.
* Live lightly and smile often
* Play more
* Have plans to look forward to (dear friends, lets make plans!)

So there you go... nothing too drastic, still Lou pottering on through life!
If you would like to see this blog including something new, hit me with your ideas.
What are your plans for 2013.... should I be doing it too?

Oh and over there on the right - My January Loves List is up.... go see!
Sponsors.... I've altered my sponsorship page to include some new deals.
WINTER SEASON SPECIAL - a discounted 3 month deal on ads.
Hop over to see - I'd love to have you on board my journey this year!

happy wednesday...

Good morning y'all!
Just a few images from around the home.
Charlie's birthday cards, bunting and Happy Birthday banner are still up.
Such cheery colours I can't bare to take them down at the moment.
And can anyone tell me how to make my kitchen shelves look neater, yet still function with all our stuff?!  It always looks a mess.
So it's nearly the end of Jan - only 1 more week to go.  Great isn't it?
I saw my first snowdrops at the weekend.  Spring is coming early!
Right, off to buy some Seville Oranges to make some Marmalade this afternoon.. my little Orange helper will be home from pre-school then.. it's turning into a little yearly tradition!
Have a great day.

wassail, cider, lanterns & darkness

The Wassail.
We arrived at dusk, the boys made glittery bee planes, bee houses and lanterns in a gorgeous twinkling bell tent.
Pip the human duke box played great tunes for money, the kids danced.
Cider flowed.
Gloucester Old Spot sausages were devoured.
As the sunset striped crimson across the sky, live music played from the marquee, then with a whoop a uni-cyclist swept through the crowds carrying a flaming torch... the wassail was about to begin.
We all walked through the orchard, carrying our lanterns to the oldest apple tree, bejewelled in green glowing lanterns.
There we crowned the wassail king and queen and sang to the cock robin to ward off evil spirits and ensure a good harvest this autumn.
Despite being the coldest night this winter, it was great to be out in the darkness and feeling the spirit of winter.

sunshine & new wall..

The sun has got it's hat on!
Hip hip hip hooray!
Gosh we haven't seen sunshine like this since before Christmas, it's been weeks?!
Thought I would take a few snaps of some new additions to my wall.
I dunno about you, but I feel the home always looks so bare once the Christmas Tree comes down, a perfect chance to move everything round and re-discover lost loves!

Okay so on image 3 they are:

Smile print by SeventyTree
Photo of me & Charlie when I was pregnant with Rufus
Vintage Tea Cup card by Rebekah Leigh
Bear Card by SeventyTree
Bristol Lino Print by Melanie Wickham
Zeiss Icon Contessa Camera by Rebekah Leigh
Modernist Card (one of 4) by Mrs Eliot Books
Drop card by SeventyTree
Laundry Day Card by Littlegreenshed
CatherineHolm print by Handz

Thank you to Rebekah, Kerry and Fran for such lovely, lovely gifts!
I have now updated the my Home page too!
Wow link heavy post - sorry!

January manifesto...

This months manifesto.
I really DO need to plant my garlic at the allotment.
Please someone drag me there, but the weather is just so awfully wet at the moment.  My logic for not planting yet is they will rot in the ground.  Sounds logical doesn't it?
And the main thing - Stay Positive.
The January blues are NOT welcome here!

New Years

Hello hello!
How are we all on the first week of 2012?  I still haven't got used to saying 2012, sounds kinda futuristic, from a sci-fi movie or something!
Anyway, just a little pop by to say Hi.
We spent New Years weekend having lunch with family, followed by a marathon scrabble match in front of the fire with prosecco and pate! yum.
New Years Day, lunch with friends.  Delish food.
So good to hang out and let the kiddies play/argue over toys, whilst drinking red wine! ahem!
Photo is of the most delicate pink hyacinth that was in the centre of the table whilst we ate the first meal of 2012.
Happy Days.

Blue sky dreaming

So the start of normality has begun. 

Today, Dan & I returned to work and Charlie to school.  It's okay... I thought I would feel terrible about it - the hardest bit was getting up this morning, gosh it was so dark!  Must be something to do with the partial solar eclipse this morning.

To get through today I have been keeping my head buzzing high on sunshine and blue skies.  This blog is helping.  Looking back at last summer and dreaming of the summer ahead - Spring even.

It may be the very start of the new year, but to me it feels almost spring like, ooops I said it! I hope this comment won't turn round and bite me on the bum!


I am buzzing with ideas of things I would like to do.  Firstly, I would like to tackle a few DIY jobs at home and once these are under my belt, maybe, just maybe start some kind of screenprinting project... 


All a little too exciting... watch this space!


Happy New Years Day!

We had a quiet celebration last night.  Good food, our favourite red wine, a marathon game of scrabble (how can one game take 2 hours?!). 

At midnight we ran to the attic to look out at the fireworks (boys sleeping soundly).  And saw the most magical sight. Yes these are pictures of hundreds upon hundreds of Sky Lanterns all going off at the stroke of midnight.  The photos just do not do the spectacle justice!

I have not seen such a mass of individual celebration or expression of hope and happiness like this before.  To think that each one of these lanterns has been sent up by the people of Bristol in their back gardens... hundreds and hundreds!!!  It is mind blowing.

Dan & I could not let this magical experience go by without showing our children.  I woke Charlie to see.  He just nodded and asked to go back to bed.... kids eh?

Hope you all had a magical night...


Hopes & Dreams .....

{Deep breath!}
I suppose I have a whole year. 
I am looking forward to the learning & the holidaying bits.
Have a Happy Happy Happy! 2011 lovelies...
Enjoy celebrating today, we are having roast lamb stuffed with rosemary & garlic, with family.