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Happy New Years Day!

We had a quiet celebration last night.  Good food, our favourite red wine, a marathon game of scrabble (how can one game take 2 hours?!). 

At midnight we ran to the attic to look out at the fireworks (boys sleeping soundly).  And saw the most magical sight. Yes these are pictures of hundreds upon hundreds of Sky Lanterns all going off at the stroke of midnight.  The photos just do not do the spectacle justice!

I have not seen such a mass of individual celebration or expression of hope and happiness like this before.  To think that each one of these lanterns has been sent up by the people of Bristol in their back gardens... hundreds and hundreds!!!  It is mind blowing.

Dan & I could not let this magical experience go by without showing our children.  I woke Charlie to see.  He just nodded and asked to go back to bed.... kids eh?

Hope you all had a magical night...