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Hello November...

October flew by!  One minute super excited about pumpkins and the change to autumn and whoosh!  It's gone just like that - for another year.

November on the other hand to me is moody.  Bubbly, grown up.  I always think of opulent colours when it comes to November.  Rich velvety blues, team with glittery gold, magentas and oranges.  Like fireworks lighting up the sky.

This November I / we shall be...

* Celebrating Guy Fawkes and Divali at our local church - fireworks, bonfire and lots of family fun.
* Gathering wood for the wood store - we have been going to the same farm every year, can't wait to re-visit.
* Watching the National Theatre production of Frankenstein
* Cocktails with these beauties
* Day tripping to London with this dude.  Off to see a pre-view of a Spring/Summer Collection - exciting!
* Having Sunday lunch with my lovely friends and their kids
* Helping out the school disco - help!
* Making a Mr Strong outfit for Mr Men day at school
* Bringing in greenery, rosehips, herbs, twigs for Nature in the Home
* Finding the Christmas decoration box, going through it, deciding if I need anything new (I always do!)
* Start buying presents - look out for the Littlegreenshed Christmas Gift guides coming shortly
* Start / Finish some knitting projects

I've written a little post over on the Lionheart Magazine blog, all about November and how we should claim it as our own.  Go see.

More November inspiration over on pinterest...

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Have a wonderful November....

sun - day...

Oh my!
What a BEAUTIFUL day it has been.
We woke to the sound of hot air balloons floating over our roof top.  Ballooning in November - bonkers!
But the day was so perfect, I couldn't blame them!  A crisp hard frost had hit Bristol, with glorious sunshine and hazy watery skies.
After feasting on Nutella pancakes for breakfast, we pulled on our woollies and boots. Gathered up my camera and went for an early morning stomp up through Ashton Court.
Sunlight was slanting through the yellow leaves, everything was touched by silver... glistening like fairy dust in the sunshine.
We threw leaves in the air, listened to woodpeckers, ran over the hills and bathed in the Autumnal glory of it all.
Days like these fill me with such joy, it fills me up for the week a head. 
Have a great week.

cable and cotton giveaway winner...

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
I am just popping in to announce the winner of the Cable and Cotton giveaway.

The Winner is Carolyn Carter!

Well done Carolyn!

Cable and Cotton are kindly offering all Littlegreenshed readers free Postage and Packaging by using the following code at the checkout:


So... what are you waiting for?  Go get some pretty lights for Christmas!

I have another giveaway coming up in a couple of weeks time... it is going to knock your socks off!  Think, all your Christmas' coming at once!



Ahh it's Friday... how nice does that feel?  Good I can tell you.
The image above was taken whilst walking into work on Tuesday.  It was one of the magical golden moments. With the sun hitting the Matthew ship... making it glow.
This weekend we are doing some bits of home improvements, walking in the woods, having play dates and for me, getting stock ready for my first Christmas market next weekend!  eeeek!

If you look up there on the top header bar, you can see a tab called Events.  On this page I've listed all of the  Christmas Markets and Shops I am involved in over the Christmas period... do pop by if you are in the area.

Also a little reminder that the Cable and Cotton giveaway ends on Sunday.  So there is still time to enter or re-enter if you like!

So... there you go!
Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies... are you up to anything fun?

Nature in the home - a series...

Good day!
Today's nature in the home comes from the quite wonderful flickr pages of Brian Ferry.
I have had a love of affair with his photography for a long time.  And he does love to feature plants!
I have also had a long time love affair for succulents and cacti.
I always think of my mum when I look at Cacti - she hates them!  Teehee... I think they are beautiful, architectural and dangerous!  A great combination.
These weathered terracotta pots against this greeny/grey wall is just gorgeous.... a taste of the Mediterranean.

The Great British Spirit

Okay, it's the 5th of November... Bonfire Night.

It is absolutely lashing down outside.

Pretty much rained like this continuously all day.

But through the window of my cosy snug can see brilliant blues, greens and silvers lighting up the night sky.

Such determination us Brits.  No matter the appalling weather, we still battle on.  That Dunkerk spirit, or Wimbledon maddness.

Good for you, you brave and fearless people.

Thank you for bringing some sparkle to this soggy day.

The boys and I have just watched the most amazing fireworks from our attic window, safe from the torrent outside.

We were supposed to be having a Bonfire Party with family at my parents, but my mum is feeling poorly with Sinusitis.  Get well soon mum.

So to those of you who actually made it to a display I salute you!