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Advent Calendar 2014...

This year I have found inspiration for making an Advent calendar a little on the thin side.  Don't get me wrong there are many wonderful calendars out there and some great tutorials too.  Many of which I have pinned on a special Advent Calendar pin board, but until this weekend, my festive mojo was well and truly lost.

Then a sudden brain wave.  I saw this beautiful beautiful wall hanging, and thought that's it!  I'll do something like that. And so here is my version.

I used:

Navy linen
3 x wooden stars
gardening twine
sprigs of spruce
toy stag (which comes out every year at Christmas and used in some form of Crimbo dec or another).
brown paper
chocolate money


* I stretched the linen over the hoop, and made sure that lengths of twine were also trapped into hoop once it was tightened (making sure there was enough twine left out to knot it securely at the back)
* Using the PVA glue I stuck on the wooden stars
* Cut lengths of wire about 2" in length, push through the linen and loop over the wooden hoop frame, to secure the spruce and stag into place.
* wrap the chocolate coins in the brown paper
* glue the felt numbers to the packages
* tie to the ends of the string and hang it up.

I am super happy with the result too.  Thank you to Hobbycraft who helped with supplies.  They have great kits and advent calendars there too.

My past years Advent Calendars can be discovered on this post.

Advent calendar - DIY...

Woodland Forest 2013
Rustic 2012
Over the past couple of years I have made the boys their Advent calendar.  It has been so much fun to do and they absolutely love it.  But this year, to be honest, I am stumped.

I don't know what is wrong with me but I have lost my mojo.  Work is full on, worrying over certain aspects in our life and money pressures are taking their toll.  I am exhausted.

This years calendar will have to be simple, cheap and easy.  There I said it - a quick fix.  I've just over a week to make it, which hopefully will be enough time. eeek!

What are you up to?  Do you make your own Advent calendar or use a shop bought.  Do tell!

If you'd like to see how I made my previous Advent calendars they are here...

Advent Calender 2013... a woodland forest...

Advent Calendar - #advent #christmas #vintage

So here it is.  Our advent Calendar for this year.  Very different from last year.  Here's how I did it.


  • White boxes (bought on Ebay)
  • Vintage woodland illustrations found via the internet
  • Scissors
  • Small number stickers (bought on Ebay)
  • Star hole punch
  • Gold foil card
  • Brush
  • Mod Podge or PVA glue

1.  Firstly I found lots of woodland images & one of Father Christmas on the internet.  Using photoshop, re-sized and made black and white.  Printed them out on thick paper.
2. Cut round them and stuck them to the white boxes using the mod podge.
3. Punched out gold stars for the front.
4. Added the number sticker to the boxes
5. Filled with goodies.

You will notice that not all 25 days are there.  I only have space for 8 boxes, so a week at a time will be available, re-using the boxes and changing the number on the box with a new sticker.


1. Stamped addressed envelopes to Father Christmas + chocolates
2. Chocolate Coins
3. Lego Mini Figures
4. Felt pens
5. Chocolate Coins
6. Stickers
7. Tea Lights - we are going on a lantern parade through the neighbourhood
8. A picture of a bicycle and a lego Santa - meeting the big man in Red via bike
9. Chrismas Cards to write to their friends at school
10. Chocolate Coins
12. Top Trumps game
13. Candy Canes for the tree
14. Lego tree - we are collection our Christmas tree
15. Tracing paper to make window snowflakes
16. Bauble for the tree
17. Popcorn to watch Polar Express
18. Lego Mini Figure
19. Tea Light for solstice lanterns
20.  Marshmallows - Hot Choc after school to celebrate end of term
21. Party Hat - Christmas Craft party with friends
22. Train tickets - off to see the Panto in Bath with Grandparents.
23. Candy Canes
24. Star and snowflakes cutters to make biscuits

I LOVE the results - and so do the boys!  Bouncing off the walls they can't wait for tomorrow.

Did you make one?  Have you an heirloom passed down through the family, or did you buy one?  I'd love to see.  How about linking up below, so we can all hop around and see.

Love it if you join me.

Creative Juice - Advent Calendar...

Advent Calendar Tutorial #advent #christmas

Christmas is so close.  The 1st is nearly upon us, soon it will be time to open the first parcel / envelope / box on the Advent Calendar... we getting super excited in this house.

Last year I made this Advent Calendar, much to the joy of the boys.  You can find the full DIY tutorial and the reason behind each item in the parcels there too.  Each item was not hugely expensive, but small, well thought out items with a big meaning.  I loved watching them open each parcel every morning, it was magic.

This year, I am thinking of something a little different, which will be a secret until the 1st.  So tell me, what do you do to celebrate the run up to Christmas?  A chocolate version or a family tradition, I'd love to know.


Tomorrow is the start of advent - hurrah!
For my two boys it couldn't come sooner.  The count down of days until Christmas Day.   Rufus started asking me in mid-November, 'how many days now Mummy?'  And who can blame him?  It's exciting, no?

This year I decided to make my own advent calendar - little packages of excitement to open every morning.  I've had so much fun doing it, thinking of cheap and different things for each day.

Here's how I did it:

First I thought up what would come on each day... on some days there is a definite activity/surprise happening. So I wrapped up something that would signify it.

My list is as follows:

1. Something to read (new small book)
2 Chocolate Coin
3. Tattoo
4. Chocolate Coin
5. Dinosaur glider
6. Lion & Wolf (going to Longleat to see Father Christmas and the Animals)
7. Picture of a Cat & a Fiddle (going to the Theatre to see Hey Diddle Diddle)
8. Chocolate Coin
9. Christmas Cards (the boys can write them to their friends at school)
10. Tattoo
11. Chocolate Coin
12. Lego Mini Figure
13. Lego Tree (choosing and cutting down our Christmas Tree)
14. Lego Mini Figure
15. A sheet of tracing paper (to make snowflakes for the window)
16. Train tickets (going to Bath on the train with Grandparents to the Panto)
17. A bauble to go on the tree
18. Popcorn (watch the Polar Express)
19. Badge
20: Tea Light (to make Solstice Lanterns)
21. Marshmallow (Hot chocolate after school in a cafe - end of term!)
22. Addressed envelope to the North Pole (write a letter to the big man)
23. Star shaped cutter (to make biscuits)
24. A jewel (to make a crown for Nativity at the church)

So.. as you can see lots of trips and activities.  Of course there is chocolate and chocolate coins are sooo Christmas aren't they?  And Lego - there HAS to be Lego in this house.  I have had so much fun - I love this time of year.

I used a mix of brown paper and red & white striped paper from Ikea.  Tied them to a Silver Birch branch with bakers twine and hung it from our fireplace.  (The branch we found in the park, blown down in the recent storms).

You will notice not all the days are up there, I didn't want it to seem too cluttered, so I will be adding to it as the weeks go by.

I love the finished result.
Hope you can have a go too.