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A cutting garden...

I love flowers. I love flowers arranged in jam jars, all mix matched and messy looking, none of that neat primped looking arrangements here.  Just artfully chucked in the jar!  Bouquets of wild hedgerow flowers perhaps they have just been picked by your beau or your eager child wishing you love.


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Charlie: Using the aeropress to make us a coffee.  
Rufus: Making up his own tune on the guitar yesterday.  This one was called 'hypnotised motion'.

Yesterday was glorious.  We headed to the allotment for our first visit of the year.  Much weeding is needed and a heavy layer of bright green moss has covered everything.  Such a damp winter.  

Sadly the soil is  still too water logged to plant anything or to give it a real good dig over.  But we managed to stay there for four hours.  Drinking coffee in the sunshine, a bit of scrub clearing, tree climbing and loving the allotment once more.

Joining in with the 52 portraits.

a little sunshine...

Friday is upon us, I am very pleased.  I've not been feeling particularly great this week.  Tired, lethargic and bloated.  I dunno what is wrong with me.  I've stupidly been self diagnosing on the internet (bad idea!) which hasn't helped my mood.  Also Charlie has been off school the past few days with Slap Cheek.  Bright red cheeks and a mottled rash all over.  *sigh* when will we be healthy again?  One of us is always ailing!

So I am determined to shake off my funk this weekend.  If the weather stays sunny then I might dare to set foot up the allotment.  I haven't been there since last September! EEEEK  It is going to look a right mess.

I just want it to look like it does in this picture, full of veg and cut grass, I am feeling a little daunted about the task ahead, getting it looking like that again is going to take a huge effort.  But I realise there is no rush, a little patch at a time.

Yesterday (with the help of Charlie) I sowed some tiny seeds, Chillies, Sunflowers, Broad Beans and Sweet Peas. They are currently in little pots on my windowsill in the kitchen.  I am so looking forward to seeing little green shoots and signs of life.  Sunflowers and Sweet peas, if my plot is filled with these beauties I will be a happy lady.

So what are your plans dear friends?
Please tell me you are off on exciting adventures.

Oh and thank you to all for your comments on the clothes dilemma.  I am planning a follow up post with all that I have found!
Have a wonderful weekend.

all about the bikes

We have had the most sunny and bright weekend!
Today we headed back up to the allotment again.
The boys spent the time riding their new bikes up and down the track.
Gosh these boys LOVE their bikes.
What's not to like.
Bright red, mountain bikes, super zippy AND gears (as Charlie likes to tell everyone he meets!).
This is Rufus' first leap up to pedal bikes after riding a balance bike for the past 2 years.
A transition which had little wobbles - he is off and riding, if only he remembers to use the brakes a bit more!
Islabikes are so cool even Daddy likes to have a sneaky go!
Thanks Grampa!


The sun has appeared.
We were treated to the most spring like of Saturdays, and it was blissful.
Charlie and I headed up to the plot to drink in the sun, be deafened by bird song and dig in the soil to our hearts content.
My boy raked a small part of the plot to a fine tilth ready for sowing seeds.
He worked so hard enjoying the time just being there.
I gave that piece of earth to him.
His small part of the allotment (the area with the best of soil and the most sunshine).
He sat there contently planning in his wildlife finder folder.
Eating bread sticks in the sunshine.
On his list....  a watermelon tree, flowers for decoration and a chicken house.
Happy days.


This afternoon it really felt like spring here in Bristol, so after Rufus' swimming we took at trip up to the allotment to plant the garlic.
We rubbed the papery cases of the bulbs revealing plump pink and white garlic cloves.
Rufus helped me to dig the trenches then plant the cloves pointy end up.
We had the whole site to ourselves only the sound of the birds and the distant hum of traffic.
At this time of year the sun barely comes over the hill so our plot is always in shadow. But by high summer these little cloves would have swollen and divided in large bulbs ready for harvest. I cannot wait!
I love it there.
p.s. Em, I did it! Well I said I was gonna do it and I have (the relief !), I feel so much better.

ticking along nicely...

So this was Saturday.
A couple of hours up at the allotment, weeding, clearing the site for the new growing year.  The boys re-discovered their dinosaurs, diggers and favourite climbing tree.
I got covered in mud, and stung by nettles, ho hum!  I do love it there really.
Sadly the soil was too wet to plant the garlic, but the ground is prepared for planting next week.
Home again, Dan went scavenging for wood to burn with Charlie, whilst Rufus and I baked jam tarts and gingerbread hearts for lunch boxes next week.
Oh and I posed around a lot in my hand knitted hair bow.  There, I said I was gonna make one!
Tick it off that list!

balloons & arrows...

It's been an exciting weekend here in Bristol.
All manner of flying machines have been above our heads.
The Bristol Balloon Fiesta was held in the nearby Ashton Court.
Sadly poor weather only showed us one mass ascent, we saw hundreds of balloons float over our house.
Sunday we headed to the allotment for a bbq and to watch the red arrows.
We did the very same last year so we knew how amazing it would be!
The excitement was getting to fever pitch as we sat and waited, then all of a sudden a roar in the skies and they were there.
Wow... the noise, the speed, they are breathtaking.
And with a final flourish they were gone... leaving us to water the plot, finish our chicken kebabs and pick some harvest.
Good times.

so overgrown

I nearly died when I saw the plot today.
I was hardly able to walk up the paths through the thick weeds.
Dan strimmed the whole plot, which enabled us to actually move around it, but this then highlighted the weeds covering the vegetables in the beds.
After hours of back breaking labour, we managed to weed free a couple of the beds... and take home a harvest to be proud of......
* 60 bulbs of garlic
* 20 onions
* loads of purple mange tout & peas
* sweet peas
* the final harvest of broadbeans
* new potatoes
* yellow and green courgettes
* and finally BEETROOT!  Yes, I can now grow the little buggers!

So I am achey and tired, but happy the plot is saved from couch grass, bindweed and thistles.

Have a great week.

june harvest..

A bumper harvest from the lottie today.
We have taken in the past a few broad beans, some pak choi leaves and the odd pea pod which doesn't make it home.
But today we filled our arms.
Broad Beans, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, new potatoes, summer cabbage and peas!
Charlie helped to pod them ready for his tea.
A simple pleasure.
I think Dan and I might have broad bean and potato salad for our supper or maybe risotto.  YUM!

playing in the grass

At the allotment this afternoon I took a break from weeding and sowing to lie in the long grass on the neighbouring plot.
The boys were busy collecting grass seed in a pot and looking for bugs.
I allowed myself to day dream for a short while.
Before planting the gem squashes and weeding the onions.


If all else fails - at least we have radishes!
These are the Radish Rainbow Mix, the first time I have grown them and they look soooo good!

What are you up to this weekend, something wild and wonderful I hope?!
We were going to Legoland, but that's been postponed til later in the year.  Something to do with Tesco sending the wrong tickets... anyway,
So it's allotment, swimming, picnics and new goldfish shopping for us instead.
Happy weekend my sweets.


all rooms include an ensuite and view of the radishes

Ta dah!
After posting about the bug hotel and seeing my inspiration here.
It tooks us weeks to find things to fill the pallets.
Today we assembled the hotel.
We gave it a swimming pool with the belfast sink pond next door.
Dan filled the plug hole with cement, so tomorrow once it's hardened we shall fill it with water and wait for the creatures to move in.
We are so proud of the hotel... I reckon all the bugs, ladybirds and spiders have their bags packed and are moving right on in to this 5 star boutique hotel.