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Cornwall part 2 - Barbara Hepworth & St Ives

Barbara Hepworth is one of my heroines... a woman who can sculpt like that and raise 4 children is pretty incredible to me!
I love going to St Ives and visiting her home & garden.  It is always inspiring, calming and thought provoking.
Although a small space, it does pack in such large and tactile sculptures... cold to touch and marked by her hand.
The boys loved to run through the narrow pathways, calling each sculpture their own name... 'this one looks like a duck' 'this one looks like a doh nut'.
The conservatory housed bright red geraniums and amazing looking cacti, but best of all were 3 original Bertoia chairs and a foot stool.  I couldn't actually tear myself away... that conservatory was heaven!
Her studio was beautiful... the tools all laid out just as she would have left it.
I LOVE St Ives... always such a pleasure to visit.

work in progress

Good Morning!
Just letting you in on a sneaky peak of some work in progress.
Not quite happy with it yet.. but it's getting there.
Today is supposed to be Spring like here... 17 degrees and sunny.
Hmmm no sign of the sun yet!
So here is a sunny flower to give you the glow of spring/summer.
Hope you like it?!
All going well it and other will be available as an A4 print soon in my Etsy shop.
1. encouraging friends
2. cream cheese & ryvita for lunch - YUM
3. new jeans

Mr Rob..

He is inspirational isn't he?
Nature and love...
I am lucky to own his season's plates, which I must put up on display.
Too lovely to keep in a box (or eat off!!)

I heart Bristol...

Wow Bristol just gets better.
This week saw the UK's biggest street art project open on the urban corridor of Nelson Street.
Nelson Street is a long forgotten area in central Bristol which has empty office blocks, run down shop fronts and not a great place to be day or night.
See No Evil  has brought together some of the biggest street artists from all over the world to come and transform this hole in Bristol.
Today the road was closed for a big party.
Part of the street was covered in an artificial lawn.  Large boxes of vegetables were planted up.  Trees were bought in and a hanging garden of butterfly loving plants were hung from the concrete.
Large sound systems blasted out a mix of reggae, hip hop and Northern Soul.
People wandered, dancing with a pint of cider in one hand and their camera in the other.
The art, jaw dropping... on an immense scale.
This was a horrible part of Bristol, it has now suddenly become a destination.

southbank bristol arts trail

What an amazing weekend! 
I have spent time with good friends, seeing great local art, eating feasts, laughing, gardening and feeling thoroughly inspired.
Gosh, so many local talents.  I could spend weeks dedicating posts to people who's work has totally blown me away.

Here are a few of my favourites:

makery not fakery
My lovely friend Sam's papercuts - totally wowed me.  Please pop over and see her blog and show her support.  I really do not know how she has found the time to make these intricate papercuts (all done by hand) as well as looking after her 3 gorgeous daughters!

Incredible retro inspired china tableware and ceramic jewellery by Joanna Rose Boyd.  And the most plump and inviting cushions using bark cloth and vintage fabrics by Chez Williams.

image via here
Great illustrated screen prints for children by Hickory Pig.

image via here
Emily Ketteringham's screen prints of local streets and views of Bristol.

There so many I would love to comment about but it would seem such a boring post! 
It was great to see so many people out wandering our neighbourhood, happy, flags and bunting flying, live music and laughter.

Blissed out weekend.
Hope all of yours was just as great!
Have a great great weekend lovelies.

lovely prints & super surprises

A couple of weeks ago I bought this amazing print - Octons, from the talented Francesca over at Mrs Elliot Books. 
It has been high on my wish list for ages since first seeing it over at Kerry's in little Berties bedroom.
I thought it would look perfect in my boys bedroom.  And I am delighted with how it looks.

Francesca's work is always catching my eye.  Her most recent chevrons prints will soon be in my home, once I saved some pennies! Dan will tell me off if I keep buying things!

Yesterday I received a super surprise in the post. The lovely and kind Francesca had posted me her new modernist card set.  I am over the moon!  She must know my love of mid century items.  I am going to frame them, too too gorgeous to give away.

Thank you lovely lady!

This weekend is the Southbank Arts Trail in our local neighbourhood.  I am super excited about nosing round the homes of artists... shame I can't buy anything!  Two friends of mine will be showing their work, Mel's Lino Prints will be at the Bedworkshop and Sam's papercuts will be at Paper Village.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Affordable Art Fair - Bristol

Mel standing beside her work being exhibited by Grant Bradley Galleries

my favourite of Mel's prints (at the moment) is this Bristol Docks

Amazing Marigold painting by artist Lynsey Ewan

my favourite in the whole fair was this table by artist Jo Oakley
Last Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited to the preview evening for the Affordable Arts Fair here in Bristol.
I went along with my good friend Melanie who was exhibiting her work through a local Gallery - Grant Bradley Galleries.
It was a lovely evening, I could waltz around with a glass of wine and focus on looking at art (without my kids in tow!).  3 hours of blissful fun.
Mel and I played a game of choosing the most desirable piece i.e. what we would sell an organ for, the best gallery, the worst gallery and the item you would be utterly disappointed with if someone bought it for you.
I thought this last one would be hard... but there was quite a few turkey's there!!
But generally the standard was so high. 
My favourite was this formica table by Jo Oakley - such an unusual topic.  She also did a great mid century coffee pot with a cup & saucer too.  My love of interiors and art combined!!
I also fell in love with the huge blurred image of a Marigold.  Now this I really love!
Going to the fair has totally inspired me to get on with making some prints.  I am now spending most of my time doodling and dreaming up ideas.  
Watch this space!

found & inspired

Whilst having a bit of a spring clean, I came across this painting of Laburnum blossom tucked inside a book.
I painted it a couple of years ago whilst on holiday, staying on an Organic farm in Dorset.
A flood of happy memories came back to me of this holiday. 
The holiday where Rufus first learnt to master riding his balance bike and  many a happy day was spent digging for treasure on the beach.
Feeling inspired, I found my watercolours and picked a sprig of Forget-me-knot from the garden and set down for a little dabble.
It seems I am a little rusty, but good to have the brush in my hand again.

sooty owl

Sooty Owl via Inaluxe
Since is was a child, when I made my first owl in pottery class I have always had such a fascination with Owls.  I think it's their silent beauty and the fact that you are pretty luck to see one!

When I was travelling in South Africa I visited a witch doctor who told me my animal guardian was an owl.  It didnt surprise me!  She told my friend that his was a stag... we all have a guardian animal apparently.

So when I spotted this lastest creation by Inaluxe - Sooty Owl, I had to share.


New gallery

I have had a change around - again! Let me show you......

I recently bought the drop print from the lovely Kerry over at TheSeventyTree.  I love Kerry's work and her blog is an inspiration.  She very kindly sent me the Bear of Few Words Postcard which is also up on the wall. I love him, his silent friendly stare.

The print bottom left is Love Bird 1 by Lisa Stubbs over at Lil Sonny Sky.  I won her giveaway before Christmas and she sent me so many wonderful original screenprints.  I still have to frame some of them, and I will probably have a change around again sometime soon.

The print above this is by my lovely friend Melanie Wickham, an original lino print of the Clifton Suspension Bridge here in Bristol.

The photograph is one of my favourites.  It is me 8 months pregnant with Rufus.  I am holding Charlie on a walk through the woods in summer. 

The 77 door plaque is another giveaway win.  It came all the way from Denmark and company called Ramsign.  We still have to paint the front of the house before I put it up, but I kind of like it here.

Lastly the large yellow print is by Bold & Noble, their Trees Around Britain print. Which was a birthday present from Dan a couple of years ago.

On the sideboard is my lovely vintage typewriter.

So there you have it.  My new gallery wall.  I am very happy with it.  Shame it is so bloomin gloomy and the light is terrible in the pictures, but you get the idea.


Sandra Juto

Sandra Juto has re-listed her wonderful prints in her shop!  YAY!  I love her work, especially the Moka and the Triangelady prints.

Please go and check out her blog she has the most amazing photography and she is slowly renovating a beautiful apartment in Berlin.

Oh and she is also the talent behind Wrist worms, crocheted wrist warmers... to delicious for words!