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I love my Thursdays.
A day to cherish time alone with my youngest son.
He climbed into bed with me this morning, excitedly telling me that Daddy and Charlie are off to work and school and that today is just a me and mummy day!
Lucky for us today was blissfully warm. So we wandered in the sunshine, him riding his bike, wobbling madly as he goes.
We stopped for a while on a bench to look for birds to record in his wildlife finder book.
Ticked off a crow, magpie and an eagle who pecked his hair, apparently.
Suddenly this loud low buzz came along.. the largest, dopiest bumble bee heavily floated around his head. And then finally landed on his binoculars.
Ru decided that was the end of nature watching for today.

sunny family picnic

Well hello sunshine!
About time eh?
We have been waiting for a couple of weeks now to have a family picnic to celebrate my birthday... how long ago was it?  Weeks.
Today we did.
Back to my favourite sunny Bristol hang out - Ashton Court (yes I know we were there last week, but its soo gorgeous).
We ate loads, played French cricket, rode bikes, chased bubbles, laughed and ate cake.
A marvellous time too.
Oh and Rufus learnt to do stunts on his bike.
Hope you are all having equally awesome weekends.

the sun shone for 5 minutes...

After the rain of most of the weekend....
the sun shone for a wee while on Sunday afternoon.
A quick dash to Ashton Court Estate for a bike ride and to smell the roses.