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Gosh it rained most of the day.
We hung out in the boys bedroom building train tracks, made lego boats and meccanno airplanes.
We also baked banana flapjacks and played many puzzles.
Tomorrow we need to run and ride bikes.



Friendship bracelet.
Made for Charlie by his friend Edie.
He hasn't taken it off.
His heart swelled when she gave it him.


Some time alone.
Boys at their grandparents for the morning and Dan at work.
Turned the delicious Wild Cherry Plums foraged last week into 12 pots of thick sticky jam.
Now for some time in the studio, some painting I think.
Have a great weekend.



A day hanging out with friends.
Went to the lake again.
Saw a Kestrel hovering and then swooping down to score it's prey.
Boys rode bikes and scooters.
Nice to be with friends and see my sons friendships bloom.



We saw an outdoor performance of Treasure Island at Bristol Old Vic.
The set was incredible.
The acting amazing and the experience jaw dropping.
I want to become an actor now!
Was a little worried about the killing content in it, but the boys seemed non plussed.
If you can come to Bristol, please go and see it.  Best performance I have ever seen.

Treasure Island trailer from Bristol Old Vic on Vimeo.




The boys went to summer swim camp this morning.
Charlie should be swimming unaided by the end of the week...he's doing really well.
Visited the much neglected allotment... these ballooned courgettes took us by surprise.
Found a tick embedded in Rufus' head!  Ergh... must have been there since camping.
Started pilates again... feeling a little achey now!  Need to tone up my post babies belly...I know they aren't babies anymore...



Too pretty to not photograph.
Too pretty not to show.
Happy Tuesday.


This morning we watched (by constant request) Cars 2 at the cinema.
We munched buttered popcorn & Choc Chip Cookies.
A fast paced action movie, filled with secret agents, cars & formula one stars.
I think Dan and I enjoyed it more than the boys!


It rained most of the night.
Woke to a soggy tent.
Ducked in and out of the thunder storms all day.  One minute the brightest sun, the next leaden skies and cracking of clouds. 
Went foraging in the sunshine, found a Cherry Plum tree, laden with fruits.
Gathered as many as I could carry.
More jam to be made.




Camping trip with friends.
The camping bunting showed up again.... It will follow us around the country!
I wonder if the this fresh air will blow away the wood smoke smell from it's last camping trip?
I loved the clouds on Saturday, promising the monsoon on Sunday.




Strawberry picking!
The finest, sweetest, juiciest West Country strawberries ever tasted.
Today these beauties were turned into scrumptious jam - a taste of summer for those dark winter months.



A huge day, full of fun and adventure.
Rufus' pedalled a pedal bike for the first time.
My big boy still 3.
A new bike is on the cards for his 4th in 2 months time.



A day late!
The lake.
We ate hummus & tomato sandwiches and drank apple juice.
Rode bikes.
Played frisbee.
And discovered we are good at the balance beam!
Saw a black headed gull and blue damsel flies.

1st day...

I was trapped at work today.  
Dealing with missing parcels and helping people decide which essential oil was good for keeping flies away from horses!  
We decided Bog Myrtle.  
This heat is giving me a headache.  
I picked these sweetpeas from the garden... the smell is soothing.
The first day of August.

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