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Nature in the Home - Autumn week 2

Happy Wednesday!

This week, we have decorated the mantel in spooky halloween goodness.  Half term crafting to the max.  The boys have made spiders using pipe cleaners, black modelling clay and googly eyes.  Whilst I have gathered interesting squashes and pumpkins, teamed with feathers, fir cones and dahlias for an autumnal / spooky display.

I love the result - a team effort!

Nature in the Home started last week with a bang!!  Thank you, thank you so much for all your blog posts, such beautiful finds and displays.  I loved them all!  In particular Bethan's autumn wreath was so breathtakingly beautiful and simple - I can't wait to make one myself.  A day of creativity next week, once the boys are back at school.  To potter, gather supplies and get my creative juices flowing.

If you have a little DIY you'd like to share on here, and be featured for next weeks link up please email me.

Also - I have set up a pin board for us all to join in with.  If you'd like to contribute to it, please leave me a comment below saying so and I can add you to the pinboard.  It is looking beautiful - such inspiration there.

So.... what have you discovered, made, loved this week...

Nature in the Home - Autumn week 1

#natureinthehome Littlegreenshed - UK Lifestyle Blog - Autumn garland

So, here we are Week 1 of the Autumn term of Nature in the Home.  I am so excited to see what you are planning, what you have found, who is playing... I do hope someone will play! Eeek sudden attack of the nerves!

Anyway (talking to myself!), last Thursday during the teachers one day protest, we spent the afternoon in the park, gathering lots of autumn colour.  Once home, Charlie and I strung them on thread using a needle and made this simple autumn garland.

All his doing.  He loved the process.  Choosing what leaf next, and then finally where to hang it.  I did mention that it would turn into a crisp once the burner was lit, but he didn't mind.

It's very pretty, and I totally loved doing it with them.  From the running and finding the prettiest red leaf to talking through the design.  Having the boys involved made the project fun.

I am thinking of having a few DIY tutorials here each week.  Maybe with some exciting guest contributors... watch this space!

Don't forget if you are on Instagram you can join in with the hastag #natureinthehome or #nith.

And for more inspiration (if you need any) please have a look at my Botanical pinterest board.  I am thinking it might be great to have a group board.  One we can all pin our projects and inspiration to. Let me know if you think this is a good idea.

So... how did you get on?


The month of colour - ochre, russet and red, the smell of the earth is all around us.  October is a time of gathering for the winter, wood, food - time to get your squirreling on!
This month Dan and I celebrate our anniversary 11 years... has it really been this long? It seems like only last year we met, of course it isn't, we have a nearly 8 year old son.  I still feel like that girl who met that boy, all those years ago.... I suppose we always shall be, just a boy and girl, together in this life of ours.

This October there is so much to do...
* Celebrating us
* Going back to Cornwall and staying in this beautiful place
* Handing back our beloved allotment... goodbye dear friend (we just don't have the time anymore)
* Watching Rufus become a Beaver
* Planting these and these in preparation for Spring
* Having many Sunday lunches with friends
* Choosing pumpkins for Halloween - and the annual carve will commence
* Having a woodland Halloween rumpus
* A spa day with a friend (can't wait!)
* Wood gathering for the store
* Foraging for Mushrooms - I must go on a proper course, I'm scared to eat them afters!
* Bringing out my Winter Woolies 
* Getting into art with the kids.

I've been collecting a little inspiration mood board for October over on Pinterest....

Autumn finds for under £80

Autumn finds for under £80

I was asked, once again, by Voucher Codes Most Wanted to take part in their Autumn challenge.  You can see my entries for last Autumn and Spring here.  The challenge was to update your home for Autumn with a limited budget of £80. 

So, this season, I felt I needed to take nature inside with me. So my mood board echo's this... greens, woods, plants & scents of the sea.  On gloomy Autumn/Winter days we can still be reminded of the woodlands, fields and beaches of summer.. we just need to have them all around us.

1. Sheepskin Rug, Habitat
2. Olive Fishbone Blanket, Harrop+Penny
3. Utility Hook, Hatchet+Bear
4. Samphire Candle, LaboratoryPerfume
5. Pendant Light, Toast
7. Dakota Cushion, Folklore
8. Succulent Planters, AtelierStella

sun - day...

Oh my!
What a BEAUTIFUL day it has been.
We woke to the sound of hot air balloons floating over our roof top.  Ballooning in November - bonkers!
But the day was so perfect, I couldn't blame them!  A crisp hard frost had hit Bristol, with glorious sunshine and hazy watery skies.
After feasting on Nutella pancakes for breakfast, we pulled on our woollies and boots. Gathered up my camera and went for an early morning stomp up through Ashton Court.
Sunlight was slanting through the yellow leaves, everything was touched by silver... glistening like fairy dust in the sunshine.
We threw leaves in the air, listened to woodpeckers, ran over the hills and bathed in the Autumnal glory of it all.
Days like these fill me with such joy, it fills me up for the week a head. 
Have a great week.

Autumn finds...

Hello all!
I was recently asked to take part, with other bloggers, in the Most Wanted Autumn Home Styling Challenge.  I had to find beautiful items to cosy  up the home for Autumn, without the need for redecorating.  Each must be around £80. Who am I to turn down a chance to window shop!?  So here are my finds... cosy eh?

1. Fur Neil Print from The Pippa and Ike Show. 2. Fox Cushion from Donna Wilson. 3. My Teapot from Howkapow. 4. Washi Tray from Mrs Eliot Books. 5. Industry pendant from Habitat  6. Home is whereever I'm with you Print by TuesdayMourning  7. Ludde Sheepskin Rug from Ikea  8. Wool blanket from Marmarco (I would have the grey one!).

Nature in the home - a series...

Image from here

Image from here
After my post at the weekend, I thought today I would share some ideas we can steal for bringing natures treasures into the home.
I love the leaf garland. And not just for Autumn either.  Why not try making this with Spring daisies and fresh lime green leaves too.
The glitzy acorns are my nod towards the shimmering season...yes people it's not long now.  Time to start making!  I am hoping to make some of these to decorate my Christmas Market stall - gorgeous aren't they.  Perfect for adding a natural sparkle.

on my table...

I love that little squash - sadly his days are numbered. Only 3 more days til Halloween when he will be carved into all his spooky glory and then devoured in a roasted vegetable soup!
The leaves in the bottle are from our conker trip, we love to collect the pretty colours, but once home I struggle to know what to do with them.  They soon crisp up and turn brown.  Ah well it's an excuse to find more.  I will try to make this beautiful garland one day - I just can't seem to find the time at the moment!
How do you bring the changes of the season into your home?

conker hunting...

Yesterday we were on a mission - to find conkers!
The boys and I visited my parents, as the park close to their home has huge old Horse Chestnut Trees. For years we have gone to these trees to find the shiny brown conkers, they usually have plenty, but this year there were hardly any. I have been told this quite common all over the country, but nontheless Charlie was determined to find some.
Rufus loved picking up the pretty yellow Ash leaves and flinging them into the air.  He suits autumn, his strawberry blonde hair just glows in the watery sunshine.
Charlie found a huge branch - and with help carried all the back to my parents home for the fire.
He must get his squirrelling ways from me!


It's the first of September.  How time has flown this past year.  As much as it saddens me that summer is fading, I can't help but smile as Autumn is coming on... I do love this time of year.  

The other evening it was dark and gloomy. I lit candles around the home and loved the warming glow.  

This time of year for me is the best.  I think I am a squirrel at heart.  I love to busy myself in the kitchen making jams and chutneys. Storing pumpkins and squashes high on shelves, waiting to be cut open in the depths of winter and turned into delicious soups and curries.

Dan has started to fill the log pile, ready to fire up the burner on cold winter's nights, he really does enjoy foraging for logs and wielding his axe in the back garden.  He too loves the preparation that this season brings.  I am looking through my recipe books for inspiration and pinning delicious winter warming dishes on to my pinterest board

Preparation.  This to me sums up how I feel about autumn. Becoming prepared for the winter months. Making sure we have the fundamentals, food and warmth that will make the winter months so much easier and more enjoyable.  I say food, I mean home made Sloe Gin in front of the fire! ;-)

I know I don't live in the wilds or mountains and are fairly comfortable in my city home.  But there is something so ingrained in us, something that harks back to days of old, where these simple acts of preparation would save our lives in the darkest months ahead.  

I relish in the change of the season, bringing in acorns and conkers for the boys nature table. Crunching leaves in my wellies and breathing in the damp earthy smell of the woods.  Yes Autumn is the best... I cannot wait.

p.s. If you look over to the right you can see my September Loves List is there... go see some beautiful things I've discovered.

p.p.s I am open for September Sponsorship too!

autumn leaves...

Rufus stayed home from pre-school again today.
What we thought was just a sore throat has turned out to be hand, foot and mouth virus.
Blisters inside his mouth and on his hands... poor little man.
As it was such a sunny autumn day, we made tissue paper (stained glass) leaves to catch the sunlight.
Inspiration from Flora and her beautiful leaves.
It all got a bit silly and messy... but good to see him a little happier.
I think these will stay up until Christmas when they will be replaced by snowflakes.

this weekend...

was filled to the brim.
Mooched around the Lovely Fair, which was held down the road from us.
Ate pain au chocolat and drank coffee outside the deli whilst playing our counting game.
(counting game = pick a subject to spot.  I.e... dogs or bikes or something random like roller skates!, and you count what you see).  Dan chose roller skates, thinking he wouldn't see one.  Half an hour later in a shop, a little girl skated through to much giggling and hi fiving on our part!
Weeded and weeded and dug and sunbathed at the allotment. Oh and harvested many squashes.
Climbed trees.
Chatted and giggled with allotment friends.
Had Grandparents over for supper.
Painted the front door several coats of Yellow paint. (still not finished!)
Made some of these amazing autumn creations (Thanks Cathy for your constant inspiration!)
Went on bike rides.
Picked sloes from hedgerows. Made Sloe Vodka.
Charlie lost his second tooth... the tooth fairy is winging her way here this evening!
Roamed around in the mid October sun.
Happy days.

first day of auumn...

Yesterday saw the Autumn Equinox.  The first day of Autumn.
And what a glorious day it was too... although I didn't get to see much of it.  Charlie was off school still, with stomach pains and is just very tired...but that's another story.

Yes Autumn...I plan to

* take lots of walks in the woodlands and hedgerows.
* foraging mushrooms, sloes and hazelnuts for the winter (I love to squirrel!)
* make this soup
* Host a 4 year olds party
* Make these for the party, can you guess the theme?
* Celebrate Halloween with friends
* Carve lanterns
* make sloe gin & vodka
* Dig out cosy scarves and mittens
* Write our names in the air with sparklers
* Enter my wild plum jam in the Best of Bedminster Show
* Watch this crazy race

I love autumn... I think it's the time of year I wake up and come alive.
What do you like to do in autumn? Is there a special family tradition you like to do, or something cosy you like to make to eat.
Wishing you the most wonderful weekend!