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Welcome to the world

Yesterday morning my lovely friend Jess, gave birth to a beautiful little girl.

Ella Rose Tondowski-Bruce

Born at 3.55am, 7lb 2oz.

Jess and I used to work together, and for the past 6 months at work we have talked nothing but babies, babies names, buggies, birthing techniques, bunting, nurseries, the whole baby shabang. 

I was convinced she was having a boy.  I even knitted her baby some green booties, thinking she was having a boy.  Green booties on a girl will rock with some stripey tights!

So, little Ella, welcome to the world.  Thank you for arranging to have the sun out and shining brightly on the day of your arrival!

I can't wait to meet you and have a cuddle.

Rufus and Charlie will show you the joys of the allotment (when you are a bit older).

Well done Jess... Big hugs, enjoy this precious time and remember to sleep!


Also I would like to say another welcome - to all the lovely new followers of my blog!  Welcome!!!  Thank you all for your heart warming comments, it makes me feel great to know there are people like me out there... big hugs to you all!

Feel Good Friday

I cannot begin to write this post... words seemed to have failed me.

Coincidence?  Fate?  I dunno really.

Let me start from the beginning.  My lovely friend & colleague Jess is leaving work today to start Maternity leave (her first child).  I will dearly miss her, but she is so ready to leave and start her journey into motherhood.

I have sorted out all of my cloth nappies and other baby items, Muslin's, change bag, towels etc, and have washed them to give to her.

So here it is... This will be the final time I wash these nappies, the final time I see them blowing in the gentle breeze.  They are off to a friend who is starting her new life with her new baby... just as my baby is starting school.

Weird isn't it?  The very same day she starts maternity leave, my Charlie starts school.

And so life continues...

Have a great weekend ... we are off to the Kite Festival tomorrow.


Shhhh it's a Woolly Secret!

Shhh!  I've started a small project.  Here is just a sneaky peek at what I am doing.  I reckon you can probably guess what it is from the photo, and no it's not for me!

I love Debbie Bliss patterns and wool, so easy to use... I should finish this in a couple of days, so will post the final product later.

Shhh... for a lovely friend...

p.s. on another note, has anyone had problems with wool/clothes eating moths?  They are in my house and having a party!  Any tips of riddiing these buggers?  This wool is being kept in an air tight container, so they don't get at it!