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The Francis Hotel, Bath...

Dan and I rarely have time to ourselves.  Date night?  What is that?  The closest we get to having to a date, is a curry in front of the TV!  But, last weekend we were delighted to steal a night away just the two of us. 

The Francis Hotel is a perfect weekend city break.  Situated in central Bath, within walking distance of the spa, Milsom Street shops and the Royal Circus, makes it a wonderful place to stay for those wanting a little culture and shopping.

Part of our stay included a twilight tour around the Roman Baths.  Now, I have lived in Bristol most of my life, only 20 minutes away on the train, yet I have never visited the historic Roman Baths.  Seeing the baths torch lit was pretty magical.

After our tour we had lunch in the Roman Baths Kitchen.  A delicious three course meal which we devoured with gusto.  With full bellies, Dan and I wandered the city at night, soaking up the Christmas cheer, the lights and stopping for a real ale at Colonna and Hunter.

The hotel room at The Francis hotel, was comfortable and beautifully decorated.  The large bed was made with cushions and throws by Welsh textile designers Melin Tregwynt, and soft white sheets and pillows.  The only thing I could say that was disappointing was that our room was situated on the third floor (in the eaves of the grand building) and it had very low ceilings.  So low in fact, that Dan couldn't stand upright in the shower, or get his head under the shower rose!  Something to think about when you book!

Dan and I loved having a night away alone.  Time to talk, potter in shops, drink a good cup of coffee at Society Cafe.  Bath is brilliant for all of that and more...

Dan and I were gifted a nights stay at The Francis Hotel with a tour and meal at the Roman Baths.
All thoughts, words and opinions are my own as always.

Prior Park National Trust...


Belonging to the National Trust on the outskirts of Bath lies the beautiful green space of Prior Park. Prior Park is quintessentially English with hidden follies, wild garlic covered woodlands and grand buildings.  This gorgeous estate occupies a hidden valley with incredible views leading down into the centre of the City.

Armed with a packed lunch and a magnifying glass we embarked on a Spring discovery. We tramped through the wooded hills, stealing glimpses of the bridge and lake below.  Stopping to discover Ants, Bumble Bees and daffodils.

At the lake we made boats from waxy leaves and sticks, launching them from the lake side only to see huge  curious Carp submerge them in an instant.. annoying!

Lakeside you can find the best placed cafe ever.  A small hut selling the usual tea, coffee and cake, with a small children's den area to the side.  But more importantly a chimnea with a roaring fire to warm your bones as you soaked in the atmosphere.  Sitting there supping my tea I realised that the only sound around me was bird song and children having an adventure. Perfect.

Bath, bloggers and buns...

To wander the streets of Bath is a treat at any time of year.
But add a sprinkle of Christmas magic and the chance to meet up with fellow bloggers makes the day perfectly special.
We all took too many photographs, talked about the joys and inspirations behind our blogs and what we love about each others.
Bonded over haberdashery in the Makery Emporium.
Ate noodles, regaled stories of our children, life and blogging.
Fell in love with a beautiful bakers and it's cakes.
Ooo'd and Ahhh'd in Toast.
And came away with stronger friendships and a promise to make it a regular event.
It's lovely when that happens isn't it?
Thanks ladies - here's to more!

last sunday...

Last Sunday we visited Bath with our good friends and neighbours to spend time in the Museums.  Our main reason for the day trip was to visit the Holburne Museum and to experience Colourscape.

We arrived early on Sunday morning.. the sun was already high in the sky, making the colours inside really vibrant.  We were lucky enough to have a guided walk through by a friend of Sam's who worked there. He explained that there are only 4 colours in the structure of colourscape. Grey, Blue, Red and Green. But how light is sent through these colours and how our eyes see them, they give off the colour of the rainbow.  It was fascinating. Standing in the red area made us feel hot and agitated, but once we moved through to a cooler looking green/blue we felt calmer.  

The children ran and played, discovering the centre chamber, where we all stopped for a while to take in the hauntingly beautiful music of a single operatic voice and a cello.  It was a beautiful, slightly trippy experience inside there. And something we won't forget in a hurry.

Outside the world was bright.  We played for a while in the gardens behind the Holburne Museum,  enjoying the cooling shade of the follies and trees.  Launching leaves off the bridge and having races.  Our tummies reminded us it was lunchtime so on we walked back into the centre of Bath.

We stumbled across another museum which housed an exhibition of automata by Robert Race.  Beautiful hand carved and constructed sculptures made from beach combed items.  I fell in love with the Moon Priests. Small delicately carved men with snail shell hats, rowing to the moon... stuff of beautiful dreams.  Melanie and I stood there for a while wishing we owned it. Slowly turning turning the handle make the little priests row.

The automata exhibition is on until tomorrow.  Sadly the Colourscape has now finished in Bath.. but I am sure it will be somewhere near you soon.

I love day trips with friends.. good times.

hello...the other side

So, this is me. 40.
Don't look much different to 39 really... just a bit relieved this milestone has passed and I can move on.
My birthday was last Tuesday.  I was treated to shopping in Bath, in particular Walcot Street.  With it's mix of vintage shops, skandi design shops and cafes.  Heaven for a girl like me.
I treated myself to this (thanks mum!) from here, and spent the rest of the day walking on air.
Tuesday evening Dan and I had dinner at Jamie's Italian.  I do not ever want to eat anywhere else again!  Nothing will live up to the quality of food!  It was such an amazing dining experience.... total yum!  Thank you Mel for babysitting.

The following day we quickly packed and drove to Cornwall for the next leg of my birthday celebration adventure!  More of that on the next post........

day trip to Bath {sorry lots of photos!}

We woke this morning and the sun was shining so brightly.
We decided today should be a fun day, and Charlie shouldn't be in school on a day like today.
A day like today is a gift after the winter we have had.
We took a trip to Bath, on the request by the boys..... we must go on the open top bus.
So we did.
Bath is glorious, especially in the sun. 
It's good to take a day off every now and then.